Nothing Beats the Cookie Season (CHIRP THAT! #9)

Joneszee, D$, and Ya Boy break down everything from A-Z.

This episode of “CHIRP THAT!” sees the guys talk about the Office reboot, questions for Super Bowl 52, the Alex Smith trade, current Bracketology out of college basketball, and more.

Also, in today’s final take, what are D$’s thoughts about a potential LeBron James move to the Golden State Warriors? Find out now!

If you want to check out Joneszee’s reaction to the Alex Smith trade the Redskins, check it out with the link here.

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Matthew’s rant on NFL haters watching the Super Bowl:

Published on 2/1/18 at 5:20 PM EST.
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Matthew "Joneszee" Jones

Core Group leader at Ball State Chi Alpha. I currently do PRAM on the side for fun.

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