NFL End of 2017-18 Season Power Rankings

And that’s a wrap.

Well, its a wrap for this season. Next season’s preparations, signings, and everything in between is already being talked about and dished out.

This year was a bad one for the NFL. We don’t even have to get into too much detail. All that needs to be done is look at all of the National Anthem controversy and ratings decline to get an idea of what went wrong this year in football. I took the time to discuss my take on that issue in the NFL Week 4 Power Rankings, so I don’t feel the need to here. Instead, let’s talk about the good that did happen. And with that, I say that we dive right in, shall we? – Matthew Jones

1. Philadelphia Eagles (16-3)

Points: 128

  • They did it. All the doubt, underdog labels and obstacles and they still did it. Philadelphia was a team built for a championship from the very beginning though essentially no one saw it (perhaps even themselves). They had the will and capacity to overcome some of the worst challenges the football gods could throw at them. Congrats. – Jason Walker
  • In one of the greatest games I’ve ever seen in my life, Nick Foles (Nick Foles!!!!!) out-dueled Tom Brady to capture the first Super Bowl in Eagles history. It was a total team effort, with the defense playing well enough to win, WRs Alshon Jeffery and Nelson Agholor having huge games, LeGarrette Blount and Jay Ajayi combining for almost 150 rushing yards, Corey Clement racking up a score and 100 receiving yards, and Zach Ertz reeling in the game-winning score. However, it was Trey Burton’s trick-play touchdown pass to Foles that will stand out as the play of the game, the moment where Philly announced they came here to win it all. Most of the key playmakers are locked under contract for next season so that the biggest free agents will be Burton, LB Nigel Bradham, and CB Patrick Robinson. Another thing to watch: will long-time favorites Jason Peters, Darren Sproles, or Jason Kelce retire this offseason? – Joe Morris
  • Philadelphia burned to the ground Sunday evening but from the ashes rose Folesadelphia. And so the Eagles find them in one of the best QB controversies in recent memory. Trade Nick Foles while he has at the height of his value? Keep him and let him start the season while Wentz is still rehabbing? If Wentz can start the season, who starts for the team? Honestly, any one of these scenarios is possible, and none of them would be a bad decision on the part of the Eagles. Foles has had a Flacco-like playoff run and could cash in if not this offseason, then next offseason. Let’s just hope that he can stay at an elite level. – Conor Doherty
  • Big **** Nick did it. And because Joe didn’t want to give a shoutout to his Eagles blog, I will. You can check it out using the link here. – Matthew Jones

2. New England Patriots (15-4)

Points: 124

  • While this loss won’t hurt as bad as, say, 2007, it will still hurt nonetheless for Tom Brady and Bill Belichick. And next year is far from a guarantee. Brady is getting older, and that inevitable decline is already beginning to show in places. We’ll just have to see how long the magic lasts and if it can produce another Super Bowl appearance. – Jason Walker
  • If Brady can’t be bothered to shake Nick Foles’ hand after the game, then I can’t be bothered to write a real comment for the Patriots. – Joe Morris
  • Not starting Malcolm Butler might not have made an obvious difference to the Pats defense given how shredded they were by the end of the game, but do not let a player who played over 97% of the Pats defensive snaps this season sit on the bench in the biggest game of the year. It makes no sense. Just like with the Yuli Gurriel situation in the World Series, don’t punish the rest of the team for one player’s mistake. Let him finish playing on the biggest stage of his career and punish him next year. – Conor Doherty
  • Per ESPN Stats & Info, Tom Brady is the 1st quarterback in NFL history to lose a game despite having 500 passing yards, three touchdowns, and no picks. GOAT. – Matthew Jones

“#FogGate2017.” – Matthew Jones on the NFL Week 8 Power Rankings

T3. Minnesota Vikings (14-4)

Points: 118

  • Honestly, the one thing I’d like to see is what the heck the Vikings are planning to do with their quarterback situation. They have three guys who could start for a good number of NFL teams. Speculation dictates they will ditch Case Keenum (the guy they made it the farthest with since Brett Favre) and go with Teddy Bridgewater or Sam Bradford. Heaven only knows. – Jason Walker
  • I’d love to find out who Vikings fans were rooting for: the team who curb stomped them in the NFC Championship or the NFL’s Evil Empire. – Conor Doherty

“Stefon Diggs is not a terrorist.” – Matthew Jones on the NFL Week 11 Power Rankings

  • It was a miracle season. – Matthew Jones

T3. Jacksonville Jaguars (12-7)

Points: 118

  • Jacksonville overachieved. Granted, everybody and their dog has been taking random stabs every few years at predicting a breakout season for the Jags, but they finally did it this year. They might need to upgrade at quarterback (might), but seem to be set up well for AFC contention for a few years. – Jason Walker
  • Blake Bortles finally showed that he could at least be a serviceable QB that can help a team reach the playoffs. Unfortunately, that is as high as his ceiling probably is. If the Jags don’t at least entertain the idea of getting another QB through the draft or FA, then we could have a 2000 Ravens situation on our hands: An all-time great defense carrying a below average to a downright terrible offense to a championship. – Conor Doherty
  • I don’t care what anyone else says. Blake Bortles is the BOAT. – Matthew Jones

“If you’re a cornerback in the AFC South, don’t get into fights with wide receivers. It doesn’t turn out well.” – Matthew Jones on the NFL Week 10 Power Rankings

“Blake Bortles looked pretty good last night, but it is still worrying when on non-play action calls, he had just 13 TDs to 12 INTs on the season. While he has shown that he can step up a bit, there is still a lot to be desired. Jacksonville wouldn’t be making a mistake if they traded up for another QB in the draft this year that make every throw required of him. But in the end, this team’s lack of playoff experience didn’t hold it back, and they came within 8 minutes of making it to the Super Bowl. Expectations for this team have risen, let’s just hope this wasn’t a flash in the pan.” – Conor Doherty on the NFL Super Bowl 52 Power Rankings

5. Pittsburgh Steelers (13-4)

Points: 111

  • There are GMs and coaches who would kill for the high-end talent the Steelers have acquired and yet Pittsburgh seems to underachieve every year. The process is broken and needs to be fixed somehow. – Jason Walker
  • I’m with Jason. I can’t figure out how the Steelers underachieve so much with the best WR in the league, one of the top five best RBs in the league and a future Hall of Fame QB who still has at least a few years left in the tank. Maybe the fact that the organization has moved so far away from their Steel Curtain heritage that now they can let an offense like Baltimore drop 38 on them at home is the problem. Maybe Tomlin just can’t get more out of the roster with how it is currently set up. Either way, the Steelers might be closer to pretender than contender than we think. – Conor Doherty

6. New Orleans Saints (12-6)

Points: 109

  • The Saints pulled this year out of their butt, or more accurately, had one of the better drafts this century. I had written off the rest of Drew Brees’ career to the ineptitude of the New Orleans front office. Now, it seems he might actually get a few more cracks at a that second Super Bowl. – Jason Walker
  • I agree with Jason and most of the country. Drew Brees deserves another shot at a ring. I think the Saints are taking steps in the right direction, but how much time to they have left with their star? – Matthew Jones

7. Atlanta Falcons (11-7)

Points: 103

  • There were times this season where we thought the Falcons were a far cry from a playoff spot after the meltdown in Super Bowl 51. However, the team managed to pull themselves together and became a strong team. – Matthew Jones

“We get it. The Falcons blew a 25 point lead in the Super Bowl. We get it. The new stadium for the Falcons has a Chick-fil-A in it, but it’s closed on Sundays. The Falcons are FINE!” – Matthew Jones on the NFL Week 1 Power Rankings

8. Los Angeles Rams (11-6)

Points: 98

  • The Rams better not be a one-and-done where they go back to their losing ways next year. I understand that there’s a lot of pressure riding on Sean McVay right now, but the talent is there in L.A. to succeed. He can’t mess this up, can he? – Matthew Jones

9. Carolina Panthers (12-6)

Points: 94

  • The Panthers lost to the Saints on three separate occasions this year. I get rejected less than that, and that’s saying something. – Matthew Jones

10. Tennessee Titans (10-8)

Points: 89

  • After a rather subpar year as the Texans’ defensive coordinator, young Mike Vrabel will take over as the Titans’ head coach. It was an odd move for a franchise that under Mike Mularkey won a playoff game for the first time in ages. – Joe Morris
  • I could’ve sworn that Mike Mularkey saved his job after that amazing Wild Card victory versus the Chiefs. I guess I don’t understand the NFL, and should just quit while I’m ahead. – Matthew Jones

11. Kansas City Chiefs (10-7)

Points: 88

  • Trading Alex Smith for just a third round pick and CB Kendall Fuller isn’t exactly a win for the Chiefs. He had way more value towards the beginning of the season when we didn’t see check-down after check-down. However, I do think that Patrick Mahomes could be great with the weapons in KC. Outside of maybe the Steelers and Pats, no one has more offensive weapons than the Chiefs in the AFC and I might even be inclined to lean towards the Chiefs over the Pats due to Tyreek Hill so dangerous no matter how he gets the ball. Also the gap between Gronk and Travis Kelce for best TE in the league has closed with all of Gronk’s health issues piling up. – Conor Doherty
  • Genius. It’s always a smart thing to trade a player before they go off to be a free agent. Whether or not you can’t get anything for a player is another story, but the Chiefs were able to cash in, especially considering how Patrick Mahomes is the future. The future is now! – Matthew Jones

12. Buffalo Bills (9-8)

Points: 80

  • Sean McDermott had an excellent first year in Buffalo, but QB uncertainty will hang over this offseason. Should the Bills stick with Tyrod Taylor, or will they look for options via free agency (Keenum? Cousins?) and trade (Foles, Cousins?)? – Joe Morris
  • Bills Mafia, DILLY! DILLY! – Matthew Jones

“To answer the question of Bills fans everywhere: Yes, you can do much worse than Tyrod Taylor. Don’t ever forget that.” – Jason Walker on the NFL Week 12 Power Rankings

“The AFC Defensive Player of the Week was none other than Nathan Peterman of the Bills. He had such a tremendous outing too. Five interceptions to the Chargers in his first career start. Truly remarkable. I expect a bright future for him as the starting benchwarmer for the Montreal Alouettes of the CFL.” – Matthew Jones on the NFL Week 12 Power Rankings

13. Seattle Seahawks (9-7)

Points: 77

  • Seattle needs to fix this offensive line, and pronto. Russell Wilson only has so much left in his prime, and the defense has deteriorated before our eyes. A big change will be needed if the Seahawks want to make one last title run. – Joe Morris

14. Dallas Cowboys (9-7)

Points: 74

  • Is Zeke suspended right now or nah? – Matthew Jones

“A PIECE OF PAPER!!!!!!!!!” – Matthew Jones on the NFL Week 16 Power Rankings

15. Baltimore Ravens (9-7)

Points: 70

  • 2017 proved that Joe Flacco is not elite, so the Ravens may want to start making plans to find another QB in the coming years to replace him. One more bad year from him or John Harbaugh, though, may spell the end of both their times in Baltimore. – Joe Morris
  • This team is teetering between building to contend or rebuilding for the future. Alex Collins was a great story and looks to be the future of the position. Joe Flacco is one year closer to being released and the Ravens getting his gigantic albatross of a deal off their books, 2019 being the earliest that it would make sense as releasing him then would save $20 million against the cap. Baltimore is second to last in cap space right now so they will have to give up a couple solid starters like Austin Howard and Brandon Carr. The offense is the biggest concern but fans are worried about the defense after the loss to the Bengals. Drafting anyone other than an offensive lineman or skill position player in the first round would be idiotic. – Conor Doherty

16. Los Angeles Chargers (9-7)

Points: 69

  • Rather than focusing on personnel this offseason, the Chargers need to work on improving attendance next year. Their temporary 25,000 seat home was constantly taken over by visiting fans, an embarrassing feat for any team to accomplish. – Joe Morris

“Once again, the Chargers failed to sell out a 27,000 seat soccer stadium, and about half of the fans that did show up were rooting for the away team. Alex Spanos has been playing the “burn your franchise to the ground” game to perfection.” – Joe Morris on the NFL Week 5 Power Rankings

17. Detroit Lions (9-7)

Points: 68

  • One game does not define a coach, but hiring Matt Patricia as the new head coach is a bit of a head-scratcher for Detroit. Their clear strength lies in QB Matthew Stafford, and they’ve already had plenty of defensive-minded coaches in recent years that did not hold up well. – Joe Morris

18. San Francisco 49ers (6-10)

Points: 65

  • Jimmy Garoppolo is undefeated as a starter. He also got paid for the Patriots’ Super Bowl run. This man is going places. – Matthew Jones

19. Green Bay Packers (7-9)

Points: 53

  • Brett Hundley improved as the season progressed, but if you are a Packers fan, you better hope and pray to the Lord Almighty that Aaron Rodgers doesn’t get hurt again. – Matthew Jones

“The loss of one of the game’s best players cannot be overstated. Rodgers’ injury is a huge loss for the Packers, who must now try to just salvage a playoff spot with Brett Hundley under center. Hundley, who will make his first career start Sunday against the resurgent Saints defense, threw 3 picks in relief of Rodgers last week, giving Packers fans with very little confidence heading into the midpoint of the season.” – Joe Morris on the NFL Week 7 Power Rankings

20. Arizona Cardinals (8-8)

Points: 52

  • Average is an understatement. However, things are cooking for next year. It was sad to see Arians go, but things are starting without him. – Matthew Jones

21. Washington Redskins (7-9)

Points: 51

  • The decision to trade for an Alex Smith nearing the end of his prime over extending the contract of Kirk Cousins, while in the process giving up the promising Kendall Fuller, may look like a bold move, but it probably won’t turn out well. – Joe Morris
  • The Redskins continue to show that they don’t care about their QBs. First it was RG3 getting ruined by Mike Shannhan. Now its Kirk Cousins not even being told that the team traded for another QB before the deal was completed. These bois ain’t loyal. – Conor Doherty

22. Oakland Raiders (6-10)

Points: 46

  • The biggest flop of the year had to be the Oakland Raiders. The team just flopped, just like how Gruden will flop as their head coach. Bold, right? – Matthew Jones

23. Cincinnati Bengals (7-9)

Points: 43

  • Marvin Lewis kept his job after this horrendous year. That’s like a cashier at a grocery store taking out money from the drawer and giving it to customers. The cashier stole company money but kept the position. Lewis didn’t steal anything, but I had to come up with some analogy. – Matthew Jones

24. Miami Dolphins (6-10)

Points: 37

“I was shocked when Jay Cutler signed with the Miami Dolphins. The memes that followed his signing were great. His arrival with the Dolphins was probably the biggest thing that happened this offseason in my opinion. Whether he does well or not, it probably beats having him on commentary.” – Matthew Jones on the NFL Week 1 Power Rankings

“Jay Cutler cuts the line on pretzel day.” – Matthew Jones on the NFL Week 12 Power Rankings

  • I still think Jay Cutler is a genius, and I think the Dolphins’ decision to trade Jay Ajayi was feeble-minded at best. – Matthew Jones

25. Denver Broncos (5-11)

Points: 32

  • I can’t wait for a potential Sergio Dipp report if the Broncos can get Kirk Cousins. I’m not saying it will ever happen, but a man can dream that the greatest commentator of all time will get that opportunity. – Matthew Jones

26. New York Jets (5-11)

Points: 31

  • If Josh Allen goes to the Jets, they will be flying for the entire preseason. Yeah, I think he’s going to be a bust. – Matthew

“Earlier this season, we put out a poll asking if this year’s Jets would be worse than last year’s Browns. The votes were 50/50. Now that the Jets have won two games through four weeks when the Browns only won one all last year, I wonder why that poll was even put up. The Jets have the same record as the Patriots. They also have a really good chance at going 3-2 because they take on the Browns next week. That is bonkers.” – Matthew Jones on the NFL Week 5 Power Rankings

27. Chicago Bears (5-11)

Points: 26

  • You can point to Trubisky being the only positive thing that happened this season, but was he? The Bears were last in the league in passing yards per game. You might think it’s a joke, but why not give Mark Sanchez a chance to see what he’s got left in the tank. I promise that the butt fumble days are behind him. – Matthew Jones

“Zach Miller’s horrific injury a couple of weeks ago against the Saints is one of the few injuries I can’t ride out when watching it. He almost lost his leg and got a touchdown taken away because of it. What’s wrong with refs these days? He did put out a heartfelt message a couple of days ago on his recovery which was very nice to see.” – Matthew Jones on the NFL Week 10 Power Rankings

28. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (5-11)

Points: 25

  • If all it takes to play quarterback for the Buccaneers is to like your fingers and say, “Eat a W,” then sign me up. – Matthew Jones

29. Houston Texans (4-12)

Points: 17

  • Despite Deshaun Watson and J.J. Watt’s injuries, this team has a great foundation to build upon. If Watson can get back to what he was doing before the injury, looking like Offensive Rookie of the Year and Watt can get back to his MVP worthy seasons, then the Texans will be a team to keep an eye on within the next two to three years. – Conor Doherty
  • Thanks to Jason Walker, the Texans are above the Colts. This was the case all season long. I do not hate on the guy but head-to-head has to mean something in this world. Maybe that’s just my college football mindset. – Matthew Jones

30. Indianapolis Colts (4-12)

Points: 13

  • Josh McDaniels did the Colts dirty, but his decision to decline the Colts after all and return to New England was probably for the best. The entire roster is a mess, previous GMs have done little to leave a promising future, and ownership has done little to ensure the success of the Colts. – Joe Morris
  • Andrew Luck’s potential greatness is being ruined by this franchise. Outside of the Browns, this might be the worst-run team in the league right now (The Giants get a pass in my book due to their overall recent run of success). Josh McDaniels not becoming coach was probably the smartest decision of his life. – Conor Doherty
  • I could talk about what happened with Josh McDaniels, and how his agent said it was a bad move, but I’ll leave the other guys to do that, as well as the Colin Cowherd video below. What I rather use this time for is sharing my condolences to those that were affected by the loss of Colts linebacker, Edwin Jackson. It is a tragic story; one that we never want to hear but are faced with the reality of from time to time. – Matthew Jones

“Still no Andrew Luck? No? Still don’t care then.” – Jason Walker on the NFL Week 9 Power Rankings

31. New York Giants (3-13)

Points: 10

  • At least that Dirty Dancing commercial made Giants fans stop thinking about this past season for forty five seconds. What they did to Eli was terrible and Beckham should just try to get out now while he still can. – Conor Doherty

“The big story of the week has been the benching of Eli Manning and the Giants decision to start Geno Smith in his place. My first reaction to this news was that this is the best decision the Giants coaching staff has made all year as Manning has been playing terribly all year long. Upon thinking more of it, I quickly realized that this was Eli Manning we were talking about; the two-time Super Bowl winning QB. People have been outraged that Manning has been benched in favor of Smith. And although I’m not too supportive of the decision, everyone within the Giants organization seems to be “on board” with the thing. (Peyton Manning was benched in his last season. Remember that?)” – Matthew Jones on the NFL Week 13 Power Rankings

“Ben McAdoo to the Pit of Misery! DILLY DILLY!” – Matthew Jones on the NFL Week 14 Power Rankings

32. Cleveland Browns (0-16)

Points: 4

  • 1. Draft Sam Darnold or Josh Allen with the 1st overall pick in the draft. 2. Draft Saquan Barkley with the 4th pick in the draft. 3. Profit!! Every NFL pundit and his mother has said these should be Cleveland’s picks in the first round. Any other picks made by this team (unless they have to due to some equally stupid decision by the Colts or Giants) will show just how utterly inept the organization is. – Conor Doherty

“The one good story about the Browns this year, Joe Thomas, is now out for the season after suffering a triceps injury. If you thought the Browns had quarterback worries before, just wait until you find out that they now have no OL to protect anyone.” – Joe Morris on the NFL Week 8 Power Rankings

“I just want to remind everybody that the Browns went 4-0 in the preseason.” – Matthew Jones on the NFL Wild Card Round Power Rankings

That’ll do it for the final NFL Power Rankings of the season. What did you think of the list? Where would you rank these teams? Be sure to tell us about it in the comment section below. Also, be sure to like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter: @PowerRank_More, subscribe to our YouTube channel, and follow us on our Instagram page for all of the latest information from Power Rankings and More.

Published on 2/8/18 at 12:30 AM EST. Photo credit: Washington Post.
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