NCAAF Week 14 Games to Watch:

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Championship Week in college football is here and every single conference is up for grabs from the American Athletic to the Sun Belt. It is all about to go down this week and there are either going to be some really happy people or some really upset people, depending how you look at it. That being said, I say that we jump right into it. These are the NCAAF Week 14 Games to Watch.

(Note: Rankings for teams are based off of our NCAAF Power Rankings and all times are Eastern.)

Friday, December 2nd-

MAC Title Game: 10 Western Michigan vs. Ohio (7:00 ESPN2)

  • Western Michigan has a chance to do something really special, especially if the College Football Playoff Committee wakes up and realizes that Western Michigan is a good team this year. They are 12-0 through the regular season so far and they average 44.75 points per game. Sure, the MAC schedule isn’t the greatest, but they have beaten 4 bowl eligible teams. One of those teams is Northwestern. Navy, the team that Western Michigan is competing against, has only beaten 3 bowl eligible teams. Anyway, this MAC Title Game should be a good one because it could be history in the making.

PAC-12 Title Game: 9 Colorado vs. 5 Washington (9:00 FOX)

  • Colorado is a team that is trying to find a way to get into the College Football Playoff. Washington is a team that is trying to find a way to get into the College Football Playoff. Something has got to give in the PAC-12 Title Game. Loser will likely end up going to the Rose Bowl. We’ll see what happens.

Saturday, December 3rd-

American Athletic Title Game: Temple vs. 18 Navy (12:00 ABC)

  • Navy is 2nd in the nation in rushing yards and their offense has been clicking as of late, scoring 66 points or more in their last 2 games. Temple, on the other hand, is on a 6 game win streak with their best win coming against a 6-6 UCF team. Quite frankly, this one is on the list because Navy is battling for a New Year’s Six Bowl Game with Western Michigan.

Conference-USA Title Game: Louisiana Tech vs. Western Kentucky (12:00 ESPN)

  • Louisiana Tech and Western Kentucky had a very fund game earlier in the season in which the Bulldogs were able to pull out the win in the end. Who says they can’t do it again with the conference title on the line?

12 Oklahoma State vs. 6 Oklahoma (12:30 FOX)

  • Oklahoma is 85-18-7 against Oklahoma State, but don’t tell anyone that this still isn’t a rivalry game, especially when you consider the fact that the Big 12 Title is on the line in this one. There is also a very slim shot at the College Football Playoff on the line as well, so this one is huge.

SEC Title Game: 1 Alabama vs. 21 Florida (4:00 CBS)

  • We all know that Alabama is going to win, but it has to make this list because it is the SEC Title Game and you just can’t leave it out.

Arkansas State vs. Texas State (7:30 ESPN2)

  • Arkansas State has a chance to win the Sun Belt with a win here against Texas State. If they lose, it could either go to Troy or Appalachian State. Other than that, avoid this game because it will be a snooze fest. I just needed another game to put on this list.

Mountain West Title Game: San Diego State vs. Wyoming (7:45 ESPN)

  • Well, San Diego State and Wyoming really shot themselves in the foot over the past few weeks. Well, the Mountain West really shot themselves in the foot over the last few weeks as they are out a lot money with losses to the Aztecs and Cowboys. Nonetheless, this one should be as entertaining as a Mountain West game can be. I mean, if you saw how the last one ended, you would know what I am talking about.

ACC Title Game: 4 Clemson vs. 15 Virginia Tech (8:07 ABC)

  • Clemson is on the verge of something special, but that special thing won’t happen unless they can get by a frugal Virginia Tech team that has seen their ups and downs this season. I expect plenty of points in this game, so strap yourselves in.

Big Ten Title Game: 3 Wisconsin vs. 8 Penn State (8:17 FOX)

  • We officially have a Big Ten Title Game that no one thought was possible coming into the season. I mean, Penn State? Really? I don’t believe it. You don’t believe it. You’re red-headed step child doesn’t believe it either. This one is going to be a defensive struggle in the first half, but we all know that both of these teams are really good 2nd half teams with Penn State being one of the best in the country. This one is going down to the wire folks and it is going to be a game to watch. (See what I did there?)

That’ll do it for the NCAAF Week 14 Games to Watch. What game are your most looking forward to watching as apart of Championship Week? Be sure to tell us all about it and more in the comment section below. Also, be sure to like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter: @PowerRank_More, and follow our Instagram page for all of the latest news and information from Power Rankings and More.

Published on 11/28/16 at 9:45 AM.
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