NCAAF Week 10 CFP Rankings Critique

The one and true rankings are finally here. I, of course, celebrated by hanging up all of the worst AP Poll rankings from this year over First Take. I made sure to cover Stephen A. Smith’s face cause every time I see it, I think of his man crush for Aaron Rodgers and inability to finish a sentence without stuttering in disbelief for five seconds or more. As with the AP Poll, these are my takes on the rankings so if you have anything to say to me, tweet @ConorFDoherty and we’ll have a civil and sophisticated conversation about it. Finally, these rankings are imperfect, but a little bit less so than the AP Poll so I will be writing where I would personally rank them in the Top 25 if I were a member of the committee to make them just as imperfect and wrong as the AP Poll. So, come with me, and you’ll be in a world of pure imagination.

1. Alabama

  • The toughest opponent the Tide has faced this year has been the bye week. Meanwhile, Saban celebrated his 67th birthday today, which means that the blood sacrifice was made to keep him eternally locked up at Bama and keep him away from his hell of South Beach. Bama’s first true and probably the only test of the regular season comes this weekend when they travel to face the Fighting Oregerons. Being a 2+ TD favorite on the road isn’t unheard of in college football, but for Bama, that’s the closest point spread they’ll probably have all year. Until I see the Tide lose a game, they will remain at #1 and the hands-on favorite to win the National Championship. Hopefully, Tua has to play in the fourth quarter this week.

2. Clemson

  • Like I said last week, the ACC is so weak that Clemson probably wouldn’t make the playoffs if they had lost any of their remaining games after the bye. The Best Tigers in the ACC only have one ranked team left on their schedule in Boston College so overall their schedule is weak. If they lose any remaining games, they won’t have a prayer to make it back into the top 4. But for now, I still think they’re a top 4 team, though their unimpressive schedule is holding them back. Therefore, I would place them at #3 in my rankings.

3. LSU

  • Like Bama, the Best Tigers in the SEC are coming off a bye after a good, old-fashioned, early-to-mid 2000s SEC game against the Cowbells. All we can hope for is that this year’s Game of the Century is better than the 2011 snoozefest won by LSU. Of course, the Tide somehow got into the BCS Championship game and shutout the Tigres 21-0 that year so I honestly don’t know what I would think if LSU somehow won this week. However, like that first 2011 game, I would have placed LSU at #2 to create a sequel as LSU comes in with the most impressive resume in the country. Good luck Mike.

4. Notre Dame

  • All I can say is that Army is going to start their own decade’s long winning streak over Navy at this rate. The Irish’s schedule isn’t a murderer’s row, but there are three games that they should be wary of. They get Northwestern at home, which I think should have been ranked, a currently ranked Syracuse team at Yankee Stadium and then wrapping the season up on the road at USC. Lose any remaining game, and the Irish will have no luck getting back into the playoff picture. I don’t think they’re a playoff team, but I can’t put them below the team they beat to start the season so I’ll keep them at #4.

5. Michigan

  • The Wolverines played in a classic defense-focused Big Ten game two weeks ago against Master Chief in the rain. Now they get the Nittany Lions on the road. Out of all Power 5 Conferences, the Big 10 always seems to be the one that smashes the entire conference’s hopes of having a team in the playoff. Having three blue-bloods of football in one division will do that. Now, as I’ve said before, I’m not a believer in this team, especially since their two toughest remaining games are both on the road. However, for now, they have one of the best losses in the country, so they stay at #5.

6. Georgia

  • The Dawgs showed they weren’t just all bark and tore right through the Swamp People, brought to you by History. The Dawgs offense might be too much for the Cats of Kentucky while the defense should be able to stop an offense that took 55 minutes to score its first TD against Missouri. I’m keeping the Dawgs at #6 only because they have a less bad loss than the Sooners.

7. Oklahoma

  • Two years ago, the greatest offensive game in college football history happened. Will we see a sequel? Hell no, we won’t. Baker Mayfield and Patrick Mahomes were the starting QB’s back then, and both are now in the NFL. One is helping bring back a downtrodden decade-long factory of sadness get back to NFL relevancy, and the other is Baker Mayfield. Ha. The Sooners stay at #7 for now.

8. Washington State

  • Gardner Minshew has played himself in possible Heisman consideration, and the Sexy Mamas are the only team in the Pac 12 with a chance to make the playoffs. Therefore, I’m expecting this team to lose against the Huskies. Cougs stay at #8 for now.

9. Kentucky

  • Red Alert! This team is a Red Alert! Kentucky has become great at more than one sport! All nearby SEC schools should remain where they are as this is just a freak storm that should pass any day now. Cats are afraid of dogs. Therefore, the Dawgs should win this week. I’m just hoping for some more chaos. The Cats lie down at #9 for now.

10. Ohio State

  • And then I turn right around and don’t hope for chaos cause I don’t want this team anywhere near the playoffs. The Buckeyes are lucky Maryland joined the Big 10 to distract everyone with their far worse lack of morals. Of course, its also been two weeks since the Buckeyes got decisively b***hslapped by Purdue and with Purdue losing to Michigan State, I don’t know what to think of this team, which seems to be a problem for a lot of teams every year. I’d put the Nuts down at #12 cause I can.

11. Florida

  • Only losses this season have been to teams ranked higher than them, so at least the Gators haven’t fallen victim to the Unranked Killer. Mizzou has been up and down this season so the Gators should have no problem against them. Florida stays at #11.

12. UCF

  • This is the team I would flip Ohio State with. I don’t care who they’ve played. They’re on a 21-game winning streak!! And they beat a sneaky good Temple team at home, so I’m still going to take the Knights for now. The Knights rise to #10 in my rankings.

13. West Virginia

  • Will Grier came back from the dead and now gets to try and beat Texas’s slowly decomposing body. At this rate, I and everyone have been beating the dead horse that is “Texas is back.” Now, the Mountaineers must go to the Longhorns, so I’m stumped on who to pick. As for the rankings, WVU stays here for now.

14. Penn State

  • Penn State should have lost. Just cause I can, I’m moving Utah up to #14 and Penn State down to #15.

15. Utah

  • The Utes continued their streak of 40+ points scored against Oregon and will continue it this week against Hermie and the Devils. The Real U moves up to #14.

16. Iowa

  • See #14 for my take. Iowa stays here because I can’t put them over the team that beat them, even though they did everything but win against the Lions.

17. Texas


18. Mississippi State

  • Well, I guess Nick Fitzgerald hadn’t fallen too much off and beat a ranked Texas A&M squad. Now, the Cowbells get to play vs. Louisiana Tech. Let’s hope Tech doesn’t face another 3rd and 93 situations like last year. Any team with three losses shouldn’t be ranked at this point in the season so Miss St, Texas A&M, and Iowa State would be out in my rankings.

19. Syracuse

  • William of Orange has the best loss of the season in their near upset of Clemson, and I’m just glad to see that Dino Babers is getting the credit that he deserves. He has turned around the culture of this team, and the Tigers might have to watch out in two to four years. Cuse goes up to #18 with Miss St dropping out.

20. Texas A&M

  • The other Tigers of the SEC get to host this squad. Like I said above, this team shouldn’t be ranked until the end of the season and with no more than four losses.

21. NC State

  • Florida State won’t win another game this season, and the Wolfpack are looking up at Syracuse in the Atlantic. NC State already has little brother syndrome from looking up at Duke and UNC on Tobacco Road. NC State moves up to #19 with the Cowbells and Cadets dropping out.

22. Boston College

  • Look above for my take on this team. The Fighting Matt Ryan’s move up to #20 and I also hope that somehow they lose to my Hokies, but I doubt it causes our defense sucks, which I never thought I would say.

23. Fresno State

  • This team has the #4 total defense in the country and a high scoring offense that just beat Hawaii by 30. Bulldogs move up to #21.

24. Iowa State

  • The Mighty Kansas Jayhawks welcome lowly Iowa State, and while the Cyclones haven’t been as good as last year, they’re still moving overall in the right direction as a program. What the Cyclones spin out of the rankings and Houston takes this spot.

25. Virginia

  • UGH! I never thought I would see the day that UVA has some semblance of a football team. Bryce Perkins has been playing out of his mind, and I just hope that the Hokies can get their shit together before the season finale. Usually, I’d be glad that we’re playing the Cavs at home but in recent years, we haven’t been able to do diddly squat against good to great teams at Lane Stadium. UVA stays right where they are with the Cyclones plummeting to earth like the rain cause any higher, and I might pop a blood vessel in my eye due to disbelief.

That’ll do it for the┬áNCAAF Week 10 CFP Rankings Critique. What did you think of the ramble this week? Be sure to tell me all about it and more in the comment section below.

Published on 11/2/18 at 11:07 AM EDT.
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