Every day during the college basketball season, I will give you the best college basketball games that should be on your TV for the day. It’s just a quick list, so let’s get started.

(Note that the rankings for teams are from the NCAAB Week 15 Power Rankings, which you can check out here, and all times are Eastern.)

Saturday’s Games to Watch:

  • Baylor at 31 TCU (12:00 ESPN2)
  • LSU at Georgia (2:00 ESPNU)
  • Oklahoma State at Texas (2:00 LHN)
  • 3 Villanova at Creighton (2:30 FOX)
  • USC at Utah (2:30 PAC-12 Network)
  • 8 Kansas at 15 Texas Tech (4:15 ESPN)
  • Syracuse at 4 Duke (6:00 ESPN)
  • Arkansas at Alabama (6:00 SECN)
  • 30 Kansas State at Oklahoma (6:00 ESPN2)
  • Harvard at Penn (7:00 ESPN3)
  • Old Dominion at Western Kentucky (7:00)
  • 5 Gonzaga at BYU (8:00 ESPN2)
  • St. Bonaventure at VCU (8:00 CBSSN)
  • Missouri at 28 Kentucky (8:15 ESPN)
  • 14 Arizona at Oregon (10:15 ESPN)

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Published on 2/24/18 at 8:20 AM EST. Photo credit: CBS Sports.
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