NCAA Men’s Basketball Week 9 Power Rankings

There are now zero undefeated teams in college basketball. In fact, this is the first time in the AP Poll era that everyone has at least one loss before the start of a new year. Can March come yet? No, but the NCAAB Week 9 Power Rankings can. At least we have that.

1. Michigan State (15-1)

  • I am usually pretty big on head-to-head when it comes to football, but I give it a slight pass when it comes to basketball rankings. That’s the case with Michigan State and Duke. Of course, the Blue Devils beat the Spartans to start the season, but Michigan State does have a better loss at this point in the season. Would you rather lose to Duke or Boston College?

2. Duke (13-1)

  • The best overall offense in the country.

3. Xavier (15-1)

  • 1/10/18.

4. Villanova (13-1)

  • We’re all just waiting to see how Villanova will respond to the Butler loss last week.

5. West Virginia (13-1)

  • I’m mad. Who has a mid-season exhibition like West Virginia did against Wheeling Jesuit? #FakeNews

6. Oklahoma (12-1)

  • The sudden surge of Oklahoma has been a sight to see, and so has watching Trae Young play. The freshman averages 29.4 PPG and 10.6 APG. He is being called “unbelievable” by some NBA players. And when that happens, you know you’re doing something special. By the way, with Trae in the lineup, Oklahoma has the best scoring offense in the country.

7. Wichita State (12-2)

  • The transition to the American has gone smoothly thus far and that Oklahoma loss looks like it wasn’t a fluke. I’d say the Shockers are in a good place right now.

8. Virginia (13-1)

  • I don’t think anyone knows just how good their defense is. I will be eagerly anticipating a possible Michigan State/Virginia NCAA Tournament matchup in March.

9. Purdue (14-2)

  • I don’t think enough people are talking about Purdue and that’s a real shame. Do you want to know the best part about this team? They only have to play Michigan State once this season. Well, that and maybe Carson Edwards.

10. Texas Tech (13-1)

  • I might be the only person in the country that has Texas Tech as one of the ten-best teams in the country, but I don’t care. They just beat a ranked Baylor and ranked Kansas team to open up Big 12 play. Their only loss is to Seton Hall and that game was back and forth throughout.

11. Arizona (12-3)

  • What Atlantis?

12. TCU (13-1)

  • The Oklahoma loss is behind them. This might be the most talented TCU squad in history. We thought that they had a great team last year, but they flopped in conference play. Their drive needs to be there. No flopping!

13. Kentucky (12-2)

  • Kentucky played its best against Louisville last Friday. If only they could translate that to SEC play.

14. Arizona State (12-2)

  • Arizona State wasn’t ready! To all of those ESPN personalities that decided to put Arizona State at #1 a few weeks ago, I told you so!

15. Seton Hall (13-2)

  • I just like the drive that Seton Hall has to win. Their RPI reflects that.

16. Texas A&M (11-3)

  • The Aggies fell pretty hard this week, losing to Alabama and Florida pretty badly. And in a very competitive SEC this year, it’s not good to start off 0-2 in league play.

17. Cincinnati (13-2)

  • Second-best scoring defense in the country. Virginia is the only team ahead of them, but that’s to be expected.

18. Gonzaga (13-3)

  • One of these days, it will be time for Gonzaga to move on from the West Coast Conference, but where would they move to next?

19. Kansas (11-3)

  • Whatever happened to Kansas being unbeatable inside of Allen Fieldhouse? For the previous ten seasons against major-conference teams, the Jayhawks were 101-3 at home. This season, they’re 0-3 with losses to Washington, Arizona State, and Texas Tech. Send help.

20. Clemson (13-1)

  • Clemson just keeps sneaking up the ranking, picking up semi-quality wins in the process.

21. Florida State (12-2)

  • Having Duke and North Carolina as your first two opponents in ACC play is a tough out, but they did get a victory over one of those, so I’d say it is a good start for the Seminoles.

22. North Carolina (12-3)

  • I’m not going to come on here and say that North Carolina was screwed out of a victory versus Florida State, but I will say that the ref in that game that turned his back on Joel Berry deserves to be suspended.

23. Notre Dame (12-3)

  • I would say that Notre Dame is rebounding nicely from their Ball State loss, but you have to remember that they also lost to Indiana since that time.

24. Creighton (12-3)

  • Creighton knows how to move the ball around and score. The Bluejays are fourth in PPG and fourth in APG. You can’t tell me they’re not a good offensive team.

25. Miami (FL) (12-2)

  • I wasn’t sure what the New Mexico State loss was out in Hawaii and I’m not even close to comprehending the Georgia Tech loss.

26. Butler (12-4)

  • Butler beat Villanova for the second year in a row and I am all up on their bandwagon right now, as I am every year since they made it to the National Championship. Ignore the Xavier loss. You can’t win every tough game in the Big East. It’s just too competitive.

27. Florida (10-4)

  • Florida just blew out Texas A&M on the road and things are looking up for the Gators, however, they must not get ahead of themselves because their next two games will be challenging as well. Missouri and Mississippi State are no joke. All things considered, the SEC is no joke this year. It feels weird saying that.

28. Saint Mary’s (14-2)

  • Following that skid against Washington State and Georgia, Saint Mary’s has now won nine in a row and are tied for first with Gonzaga and San Diego win the West Coast Conference. San Diego will fall off, which means the Bulldogs and Gaels are in for the long haul. Buckle up.

29. Mississippi State (13-1)

  • Are people overlooking Mississippi State? Absolutely not. The only thing flashy about them is their record and the #29 spot is a good place for them for the time being.

30. Minnesota (13-3)

  • Minnesota is a weird team. That should be enough to describe their season thus far, but we have to talk about center Reggie Lynch. Mr. Lynch is now suspended until 2020 for violating the school’s sexual misconduct code. I’m happy that the Golden Gophers came down hard on the kid.

31. Auburn (13-1)

  • Auburn’s victory over a ranked Tennessee team this week was huge for them. Many believe that the Tigers haven’t faced anyone this year, so that win was much-needed.

32. Arkansas (11-3)

  • I truly want to believe in Arkansas, but they’ve fallen flat in the games they needed to prove themselves in.


  • Michigan (13-3), Tennessee (9-4), Baylor (10-4), Texas (10-4), Louisville (11-3), Boise State (13-2), Rhode Island (10-3), Nevada (14-3), Missouri (11-3), UCLA (11-4), Central Michigan (12-2), Oklahoma State (10-4), Virginia Tech (11-4), Belmont (11-5), SMU (11-4), New Mexico State (12-3)

That’ll do it for the NCAAB Week 9 Power Rankings. What did you think of the list this week? Where would you rank these teams? Be sure to tell us all about it and more in the comment section below. Also, be sure to like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter: @PowerRank_More, subscribe to our YouTube channel, and follow us on our Instagram page for all of the latest information from Power Rankings and More.

Published on 1/5/17 at 1:41 PM EST.
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