NCAA Men’s Basketball Week 20 Power Rankings

Many people said this would be the wildest NCAA Tournament of all time. We haven’t even reached the Sweet 16 games yet, and I would totally agree with all of those claims.

There were a number of upsets that took us by surprise from the left and the right. I could go on and on talking about them all right here, or I can choose to break them down in the NCAAB Week 20 Power Rankings. I think you know what my decision is going to be.

March Madness 2018: UMBC

1. Villanova (32-4)

  • According to logic, Villanova has been the most dominant team in the NCAA Tournament. Radford didn’t stand a chance, and Alabama was outmatched by the Wildcats down the stretch in the Round of 32. This team might as well be the clear-cut favorites to win the whole thing based on what transpired this weekend.

2. Gonzaga (32-4)

  • “It is Gonzaga’s year.” I started saying that quote as a joke heading into Sunday. However, that joke became more of a reality as the events of Sunday unfolded. Mark Few might not have the most talented of teams that have managed to survive up to this point, but they have that mystique about them.

3. Kansas (29-7)

  • Kansas almost fell into obscurity this season along with Xavier and Virginia. Seton Hall took Kansas to the limit in the Round of 32, but it was Malik Newman’s 28 points that were the decision maker for Kansas. They’re another one of the big favorites to win the whole thing. It hasn’t been done since 2008. Will this year be the year?

4. Michigan (30-7)

  • We now know that the Big Ten champs were not phased by the long two-week break in between games. Michigan rolled through Montana and then found themselves in a fight with Houston. Freshman Jordan Poole’s buzzer-beating three sent shockwaves throughout the college basketball landscape – a landscape that was already buzzing from a wild first two rounds.

5. Purdue (30-6)

  • Isaac Haas’ injury was one of the biggest stories of the weekend. After fracturing his elbow against Cal State Fullerton, Haas then tried to get a brace cleared for him to play against Butler in the Round of 32 after previously being ruled out for the rest of their tournament run. Haas didn’t get to play in the end, and Purdue was lucky enough to manage a spot in the Sweet 16. The focus of the next couple of days will be getting Haas healthy to a point where he can have a brace that the NCAA will actually allow.

6. Duke (28-7)

  • It is very hard to lose NCAA Tournament games when you are shooting 55% from the field. I’m just throwing that out there.

7. West Virginia (26-10)

  • West Virginia was all about domination in their first two games of the NCAA Tournament. My only problem with this is that West Virginia didn’t play the quality opponents that some of their fellow Sweet 16 teams had. Murray State and Marshall don’t strike me as quality opponents despite their great seasons. Still, the Mountaineers were dominant and look like a championship team.

8. Texas Tech (26-9)

  • Texas Tech survived two scares in the first two rounds. The Red Raiders scraped past Stephen F. Austin and then Florida. As one of my Final Four teams, I was nervous watching them play, but I was also pleased with their toughness down the stretch of those games.

9. Kentucky (26-10)

  • Kentucky was just too athletic for Davidson and Buffalo this weekend. And because the South Region is so screwed up, Kentucky is the favorite to go to the Final Four. Why did I pick against them?

10. Virginia (31-3)

  • Tony Bennett is a class-act, but this loss is going to stick with him and Virginia forever. To me, Virginia is still one of the top teams in the country, so I decided to keep them towards the top. UMBC just played better than Virginia in that First Round game. It’s as simple as that. It’s a shame for the Virginia fanbase that it had to be a 16/1 matchup that did them in, but I think it’s still a great learning experience for the program.

We apologize for the lack of comments for the rest of the teams.

11. Xavier (29-6)

12. Cincinnati (31-5)

13. Clemson (25-9)

14. Michigan State (30-5)

15. Nevada (25-7)

16. North Carolina (26-7)

17. Houston (27-7)

18. Loyola-Chicago (30-5)

19. Tennessee (26-9)

20. Kansas State (24-11)

21. Arizona (27-8)

22. Florida State (22-11)

23. Wichita State (25-8)

24. Ohio State (25-9)

25. Auburn (26-8)

26. Syracuse (23-13)

27. USC (24-11)

28. Miami (FL) (22-10)

29. Seton Hall (22-12)

30. Texas A&M (22-12)

31. Florida (21-13)

32. Oklahoma State (20-14)


33. Saint Mary’s (29-5)

34. Rhode Island (26-8)

35. Providence (21-14)

36. Arkansas (23-12)

37. Marquette (21-13)

38. St. Bonaventure (26-8)

39. Penn State (23-13)

40. Louisville (22-13)

41. TCU (21-12)

42. Virginia Tech (21-12)

43. San Diego State (22-11)

44. New Mexico State (28-6)

45. Mississippi State (24-11)

46. Creighton (21-12)

47. Utah (20-11)

48. Butler (21-14)


Next Set:

  • Davidson (21-12), UMBC (25-11), Stanford (19-15), Buffalo (27-9), Alabama (20-16), Western Kentucky (25-10), Middle Tennessee (25-8), Washington (21-12), South Dakota State (28-7), Murray State (26-6), UCLA (21-12), Oklahoma (18-14), Notre Dame (21-15) Oregon (23-13), Baylor (19-15)

That’ll do it for the NCAA Men’s Basketball Week 20 Power Rankings. What did you think of the list this week? What are some of your thoughts from the first weekend of the NCAA Tournament? Be sure to tell us about it in the comment section below. Also, be sure to like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter: @PowerRank_More, subscribe to our YouTube channel, and follow us on our Instagram page for all of the latest information from Power Rankings and More.

Published on 3/19/18 at 1:40 PM EST.
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