NCAA Men’s Basketball Week 17 Power Rankings

Championship Week (even though it is longer than just one week) is in full swing in the world of college basketball, and my spring break at Ball State is next week, so I’ll be able to watch as much basketball as my heart desires. But before we get to that point, we’ve got some teams to rank and some quick comments to make in the NCAAB Week 17 Power Rankings.

1. Virginia (26-2)

  • Virginia is the best team in college basketball. Whether or not they are going to make a Final Four run is another question.

2. Michigan State (28-3)

  • Mark Dantonio says that the Big Ten Tournament being pushed up will extremely benefit them, so much so that we could be calling them Big Ten champions this time next week.

3. Gonzaga (27-4)

  • I am the only person with Gonzaga at #3. I am totally okay with that, even if they did lose to Villanova earlier in the year.

4. Villanova (25-4)

  • Villanova once looked unbeatable this season. Even throughout this skid, they still have one thing going for them, and that is that they’ve already knocked off Xavier twice this season.

5. Purdue (26-5)

  • I’d love to see Michigan State and Purdue go at it in the finals of the Big Ten Tournament. It’ll be a welcome game, but I’ve got a gut feeling that Purdue will find a way to not play in the championship game.

6. Xavier (25-4)

  • I found it quite stupid that the polls put Xavier over Villanova this past week. What’s the mindset for that?

7. Kansas (24-6)

  • Just as we thought Kansas was going to let a regular season Big 12 title slip from their grasp for the first time in 800 years, they go out on an amazing run to close the season, and they clinch a title anyway. Kansas is going to be a dangerous team in March.

8. Wichita State (23-5)

  • Wichita State has pulled themselves back together this February. It’s elevated the status of the AAC, and will only serve them well in March.

9. Duke (24-6)

  • If you can’t make your shots down the stretch, how do you expect to win games?

10. Cincinnati (24-4)

  • Cincinnati still has a chance to avenge their loss against Wichita State in college basketball’s best new rivalry. March 4th isn’t that far out at all.

11. Michigan (24-7)

  • Michigan can be cold and bitter.

12. Tennessee (22-7)

  • Yes, Tennessee can clinch the top seed in the SEC Tournament with a win and an Auburn loss. That is baffling to me.

13. Nevada (25-5)

  • Boise State and Rhode Island’s recent slump has hurt the credibility of Nevada. All that will be forgotten when they end up in the Sweet 16.

14. North Carolina (22-8)

  • Unless you are a North Carolina fan, how can you not love the finish of the Miami/UNC game?

15. Ohio State (24-7)

  • Watch them get Penn State in the Big Ten Tournament and lose again.

16. Saint Mary’s (27-4)

  • Some are still very skeptical of Saint Mary’s, and I am too. However, if they pull out a victory over Gonzaga in the finals of the WCC Tournament, my faith will be restored.

17. West Virginia (22-8)

  • I still think West Virginia is a very good team. They are quietly sitting in the rankings right now. Just be warned. The Mountaineers are capable of a deep run.

18. Clemson (21-7)

  • I’m not sold.

19. Middle Tennessee (23-5)

  • Joe Lunardi is an idiot. Middle Tennessee is not a 12-seed.

20. Auburn (24-6)

  • Texas Tech’s current slump is way worse, but in all seriousness, what happened to Auburn?

21. Arizona (22-7)

  • Sean Miller is the greatest coach of all time. NOT!

22. Houston (22-6)

  • I just remembered that Houston lost to Drexel earlier in the season. Meh, they only have six losses total on the year. We’ll let it slide.

23. Kentucky (20-9)

  • I read some Facebook comments regarding Kentucky and how they deserve more respect saying, “Kentucky can’t stop winning, and they beat good teams.” The team is 3-4 in their last seven games.

24. TCU (21-9)

  • This recent stretch of victories is nice to see out of TCU. However, it is unfortunate because it’s not against the elite of the Big 12. Their performances against those teams are very different.

25. Virginia Tech (21-9)

  • Maybe their student section should cuss more often.

26. Saint Bonaventure (23-6)

  • It’s a bold move putting Saint Bonaventure over Rhode Island in the NCAAB Power Rankings, but you can’t deny 11-straight wins, especially when one of those is to Rhode Island.

27. Rhode Island (23-5)

  • I dropped Rhode Island big time this week. That game against Saint Joe’s was so bad; I’m starting to wonder if this is even real life.

28. Creighton (21-9)

  • The win over Villanova in overtime was huge this past week. Let’s see if they can carry that momentum into the Big East Tournament.

29. Texas Tech (22-8)

  • I guess Texas Tech is fake news.

30. Seton Hall (20-9)

  • If Creighton doesn’t have a good week, Seton Hall doesn’t usually have one. This week was different, and I like it.

31. Arkansas (21-9)

  • Arkansas is hot right now. If a few calls and shots would’ve gone their way against Kentucky, they would’ve easily won. The Razorbacks have won six of their last seven, and they’re playing with some great emotion, something that some teams are lacking right now.

32. Miami (FL) (21-8)

  • Their bid is clinched.


  • UL-Lafayette (25-4), Arizona State (19-9), Florida State (19-9), USC (21-9), Loyola-Chicago (25-5), Nebraska (22-9), Butler (19-10), Texas A&M (18-10), South Dakota State (25-6), Kansas State (20-10), New Mexico State (24-5), Western Kentucky (22-7), North Carolina State (20-9), Florida (19-11), Baylor (18-12), Vermont (25-6)

Next Set:

  • Bucknell (22-9), Oklahoma (17-12), Louisville (19-10), Mississippi State (21-9), Northeastern (21-9), Old Dominion (22-6), Murray State (24-5), Oregon (19-10), Utah (18-10), Notre Dame (17-12), Georgia (16-12), Boise State (22-7), Marquette (17-12), Southeast Louisiana (19-10), Missouri (19-11), Washington (19-10)

Important Note! The NCAA Men’s Basketball Power Rankings will be moved up to Tuesday of next week. Be on the lookout for that, here at Power Rankings and More.

That’ll do it for the NCAA Men’s Basketball Week 17 Power Rankings. What did you think of the list this week? Where would you rank these teams? Be sure to tell us about it in the comment section below. Also, be sure to like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter: @PowerRank_More, subscribe to our YouTube channel, and follow us on our Instagram page for all of the latest information from Power Rankings and More.

Published on 2/28/18 at 2:18 PM EST. Photo credit: Mountain View Telegraph.
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