We here at Power Rankings and More are watching March Madness today, but we still have a quick list for you!

1. Houston Rockets (53-14)

2. Toronto Raptors (50-17)

  • In a year of so many incredible win streaks, Toronto has created some separation from Boston for the East’s No. 1 seed thanks to a current nine-game W streak. In the process, Toronto snapped Houston’s mega-streak. – Joe Morris

3. Golden State Warriors (52-16)

4. Portland Trail Blazers (41-26)

  • On a ten game win streak, Portland continues to prove that they’re for real. Damien Lillard and CJ McCollum have combined for over 50 ppg in March, and they’re heating up right before the playoffs. Watch out. – Joe Morris

5. Boston Celtics (46-22)

  • The Celtics are coming off two straight losses, one to the Pacers, and the other to the Warriors. The Celtics were without six players last night. All of Boston is hoping that Irving and Smart return sooner than later. They should also be aware of the Pacers creeping up on them in the seeding. – Luke Dillon

6. Utah Jazz (38-30)

  • On yet another long win streak (7 for now), Utah continues to climb the West playoff ladder. With San Antonio in a slump and Denver treading water, the Jazz has now ascended into a playoff spot, currently No. 8 in the conference. Just 3.5 games back of the No. 3 (Portland), Utah could continue to climb into a home-court seed. – Joe Morris

7. Indiana Pacers (40-28)

  • The Indiana Pacers are now third in the Eastern Conference, right behind the Boston Celtics. The Raptors are rolling into town tonight, while everyone is tuned into the first round of March Madness. This is an essential test for the Pacers. A win against the #1 seed in the Eastern Conference would send a message to the entire league; the Pacers are a threat to be reckoned with. With Sabonis out, the bench will need to step up in one of their biggest games of the season. Would a win tonight make them a contender? – Luke Dillon

8. New Orleans Pelicans (39-28)

  • The streak finally ended. The streak did vault them into the 5th spot of the Western Conference. They are a total of 2 games away from third in the Western Conference. Can Davis and Company lead another streak, and, hopefully, the third seed? – Luke Dillon

9. Oklahoma City Thunder (41-29)

10. Minnesota Timberwolves (40-29)

11. Los Angeles Clippers (37-29)

12. Philadelphia 76ers (36-30)

13. Cleveland Cavaliers (39-28)

  • Remember when everyone said the Cavs finally had the right pieces? So do I. It seems the Cavaliers are 5-5 in their last ten games and are one game away from falling to 5th in the Eastern Conference. With the Wizards coming off a victory over the Celtics, Lebron better watch out. – Luke Dillon

14. San Antonio Spurs (38-30)

15. Washington Wizards (39-30)

16. Denver Nuggets (37-31)

  • It seems everyone is just now finding out who Gary Harris is. The Nuggets are trying to get into the playoff contention late, but one win could vault them all the way to 6th in the West Conference from 10th. They are 5-5 in the last ten games, will Michael Malone be able to coach his team to the playoffs? – Luke Dillon

17. Milwaukee Bucks (36-32)

18. Miami Heat (36-33)

19. Los Angeles Lakers (31-37)

20. Charlotte Hornets (29-39)

21. Detroit Pistons (30-37)

22. New York Knicks (24-44)


23. Dallas Mavericks (22-46)

  • With Wesley Matthews’ season-ending injury, one of the league’s best defenders has likely played his last game in Dallas. This would normally be good news for a tanking team like the Mavs, but their two wins over the last week should make us question if they’re really trying to lose out. – Joe Morris

24. Sacramento Kings (22-47)

25. Chicago Bulls (23-44)

26. Orlando Magic (21-48)

  • For the first time in weeks, Orlando notched a win, bringing their current W streak to one. A 126-117 win over the Bucks saw DJ Augustine and Jonathan Simmons combine for 68. – Joe Morris

27. Brooklyn Nets (21-47)

28. Atlanta Hawks (20-48)

29. Phoenix Suns (19-50)

30. Memphis Grizzlies (18-49)

  • Amid all these win streaks across the NBA, Memphis’ current 18 game losing streak has to command respect. The emergence of rookie Dillon Brooks (17.6 ppg in March) has been about the only legitimate ray of hope this season. At least the addition of Luka Doncic or DeAndre Ayton via a top two pick should be a nice silver lining to a wasted season. – Joe Morris

That’ll do it for the NBA Week 22 Power Rankings. What did you think of the list this week? Where would you rank these teams? Are you going to be able to watch March Madness and the NBA this weekend? Be sure to tell us about it in the comment section below. Also, be sure to like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter: @PowerRank_More, subscribe to our YouTube channel, and follow us on our Instagram page for all of the latest information from Power Rankings and More.

Published on 3/15/18 at 3:00 PM EST.
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