This was a very entertaining week of basketball in the NBA. We’ve got the first team to clinch a playoff spot in the Toronto Raptors, Kevin Love coming out and sharing his truth which was awesome, and the Jazz proving that no matter how hard you try, there is no way you can conquer the West. That goes for the Rockets too. The NBA Week 21 Power Rankings are below. – Matthew Jones

1. Houston Rockets (51-13)

  • I said it last week on the “CHIRP THAT” podcast because I meant it. The Houston Rockets are my favorites to win the Western Conference. I could care less that they have a 17-game win streak. I could care less that Golden State is still Golden State. What I care about is what I see on the court, and what I see is a championship team. And if you need that extra pinch of proof, just remember that James Harden murdered Wesley Johnson. – Matthew Jones

2. Golden State Warriors (50-14)

  • The Warriors have managed to keep pace with the streaking Rockets by piling up a six-game dub streak of their own. Also of note, Golden State now has five straight 50-win seasons. – Joe Morris
  • I still think that Zaza is childish. – Matthew Jones

“Yeah. Well, actually, I want to wait to see who wins the championship and whoever wins that, that’s who I’m going to sign with.” – Kevin Durant on returning to the Warriors

3. Toronto Raptors (47-17)

  • Turnt-ronto became the first team to clinch a playoff spot Wednesday night after clutch buckets by DeMar DeRozan and Fred VanVleet resulted in a win over the Pistons. Toronto continues to build its resume as the best team in the East, and home-court advantage would play a crucial part in making the first Finals appearance in franchise history. – Joe Morris
  • DeMar DeRozan’s comments about his struggles with depression allowed Kevin Love to open up as well. I applaud DeRozan so very much. As someone who constantly struggles with this mental illness, I love seeing that I am not alone. So, thank you DeMar. – Matthew Jones

4. Boston Celtics (45-20)

5. New Orleans Pelicans (38-26)

  • Anthony Davis has added his name to a crowded MVP shortlist, as his (and Jrue Holiday’s) phenomenal play has led the Pelicans to a ten-game win streak that has seen New Orleans vault up to the West’s fourth seed. However, Davis’ lingering injuries are something to keep an eye on. – Joe Morris

6. Portland Trail Blazers (39-26)

  • This season has been full of surprise contenders, but Portland sitting as No. 3 in the West has to take the cake. The Blazers have won 10 of their last 11, and Damian Lillard has averaged over 30 ppg since the All-Star Break. – Joe Morris

7. Utah Jazz (35-30)

  • They still haven’t cooled down. Led by rookie sensation Donovan Mitchell, Utah has won 16 of its past 18 games and continues to climb the table in a push to break into the West’s top eight. Donovan’s play, combined with the emergence of Joe Ingles as a two-way player and a top-3 defense, has propelled the Jazz into one of the best teams in the league. – Joe Morris
  • Utah has won 16 of their last 18. They’ve also been in 10th place in the Western Conference throughout that time. – Matthew Jones

8. San Antonio Spurs (37-27)

  • Kawhi Leonard is planning on returning sometime this month, which puts everything about him having problems with the front office to rest. – Matthew Jones

9. Indiana Pacers (37-28)

10. Philadelphia 76ers (35-28)

  • Philadelphia has been campaigning hard for LeBron James. However, James has denied previous reports that he was visiting schools in Philadelphia during the All-Star Break. Keep those billboards coming, Philly. – Matthew Jones

11. Cleveland Cavaliers (38-26)

  • I still can’t believe that Cavaliers assistant coach, Damon Jones had a bowl of soup thrown at him by J.R. Smith and that Smith was then suspended for one game. A bowl of soup was the reason for someone’s suspension. I never thought I would ever see that happen. – Matthew Jones

12. Oklahoma City Thunder (37-29)

  • Carmelo Anthony has been fed up with the lack of help on defense from his team. Remember, this was supposed to be a team that was going to be #2 in the Western Conference this year. If they don’t show us that they believe, how can we believe? – Matthew Jones

13. Minnesota Timberwolves (38-28)

  • The best news for T-Wolves fans is not that Derrick Rose signed with them, but that Jimmy Butler is recovering well from the meniscal injury he suffered against the Rockets a couple of weeks back. Butler remains one of the brighter young stars in the league, and we wish him nothing but the best. – Matthew Jones

14. Washington Wizards (37-28)

  • I don’t care what ESPN says; the Wizards are not emerging as the dark horse in the Eastern Conference. Just take a look at recently when they lost to the Warriors, Raptors, and Pacers (all at home). They don’t compare to some of the top teams in the league right now. – Matthew Jones

15. Denver Nuggets (35-30)

16. Los Angeles Clippers (34-29)

  • Clippers owner Steve Ballmer said that the reason they traded Blake Griffin to the Pistons was to adapt to the “modern NBA.” In other words, the team just moved on. They’ve been decent since getting rid of Griffin. I can’t say the same about Detroit, however. – Matthew Jones

17. Miami Heat (34-31)

18. Milwaukee Bucks (34-31)

  • The Bucks have no personality right now as Milwaukee is 1-6 in their last seven. Sure, Giannis has played great, but what else is there after that?

19. Los Angeles Lakers (29-35)

  • A couple of years ago, Kobe didn’t flinch. A couple of nights ago, Kobe won an Oscar. What a career and a reminder of when the Lakers were good. – Matthew Jones

20. Charlotte Hornets (28-37)

  • Charlotte is the definition of a streaky team. Since their victory over the Hawks on January 26th, the Hornets have lost two, won three, lost four, won five, and now lost four. What’s up with that? – Matthew Jones

21. Detroit Pistons (29-36)

22. New York Knicks (24-41)

  • Emmanual Mudiay is regressing as the point guard of the New York Knicks. They lost to Tank Zone team Sacramento a few days ago, and Mudiay didn’t even play in the final 20 minutes. That’s not good. – Matthew Jones


23. Orlando Magic (20-45)

  • The Magic were screwed out of a victory versus the Lakers due to a clock issue. This is weird because wouldn’t they want to lose considering how they are in the Tank Zone?

24. Chicago Bulls (22-42)

  • Do you want to know how bad it is for the Bulls right now? The NBA told them to stop tanking so hard. That’s how bad it is. One great case of this was last Friday when the Bulls were facing the Mavericks. Dallas only had four players on the court, got a technical, and Chicago still failed to score. How they managed to come away with two wins this week is beyond me. – Matthew Jones

25. Atlanta Hawks (20-45)

26. Sacramento Kings (20-45)

27. Dallas Mavericks (20-45)

  • With two wins in the last two weeks, things are looking up for the Mavericks! In other news, Dirk Nowitzki continues to rack up the points, now surpassing 31,000 for his career. – Joe Morris

28. Brooklyn Nets (20-45)

29. Phoenix Suns (19-47)

  • I encourage you to look at the Suns’ schedule to see how bad they’ve been recently for yourself. – Matthew Jones

30. Memphis Grizzlies (18-46)

That’ll do it for the NBA Week 21 Power Rankings. What did you think of the list this week? Where would you rank these teams? Be sure to tell us about it in the comment section below. Also, be sure to like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter: @PowerRank_More, subscribe to our YouTube channel, and follow us on our Instagram page for all of the latest information from Power Rankings and More.

Published on 3/8/18 at 6:02 PM EST. Photo credit: Desert News.
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