MLS Week 19 Power Rankings:

With the All-Star Game coming up this week, let’s find out where everyone ends up on the MLS Week 19 Power Rankings right now!

1. Colorado Rapids (Points: 38)

  • They extended the longest standing unbeaten streak in MLS dating back to April 13th. Truly, it took a wonder strike from Ulloa to even it late on, or else Colorado would’ve had their ninth win at home.

2. FC Dallas (Points: 41)

  • In the most anticipated clash of the weekend, they came out of Colorado with a point. Not much to complain about there.

3. LA Galaxy (Points: 35)

  • While they almost paid for sitting back on an early two goal lead, the win in the northwest was huge for them. Dos Santos and Keane collaborating on a goal might settle some of the critics down as well.

4. New York Red Bulls (Points: 31)

  • Getting NYC FC at home has cured their ails twice this year. Maybe this cure will last longer.

5. Montreal Impact (Points: 29)

  • After a tepid outing against NYC they came back roaring in full force with Piatti and Drogba running Philly ragged. Big conference win to lock them into fourth for the time being right on the tails of the top three.

6. New York City FC (Points: 33)

  • They got walloped for ninety minutes. No questioning. But maybe things would be different if Villa slots home his first golden opportunity and maybe they would be different if McNamara hadn’t hit the post when it was 3-1, though that wouldn’t have taken away from the Red Bulls’ pure domination and the lack of defensive stability for NYC. How does a team stay top of the conference with a GD of -4? For all their recent success, the defense is as swiss cheesy as ever.

7. Real Salt Lake (Points: 31)

  • Drawing with San Jose extends them into the longest winless streak in their semi-recent history. It was a point, but it was also two dropped points at home.

8. Sporting Kansas City (Points: 31)

  • Seattle solved their two games without a win problem. It’s almost criminal the scoreline wasn’t bigger, with Hallisey’s misses in conjunction with Frei’s gloves to blame.

9. Philadelphia Union (Points: 30)

  • Two good results and then a clunker. Plain ouch. That’s three of their last five that they’ve lost and this one could either start a tailspin or be the kick in the pants to get back on track. Somehow I feel it’s the start of a tailspin.

10. Vancouver Whitecaps FC (Points: 30)

  • They definitely got outplayed by Houston but they kept a clean sheet and right now that’s a big deal for them.

11. Portland Timbers (Points: 29)

  • After taking it to Seattle they let LA walk into their house and embarrass them, thus destroying any momentum that rivalry win generated.

12. Toronto FC (Points: 27)

  • At long last the Ant is back. Will he stay? That will determine their continued success.

13. New England Revolution (Points: 26)

  • Important conference win. From an offensive standpoint it wasn’t good enough. Kamara isn’t fitting into the system in such a productive way as he did last year in Columbus. They have a wealth of talent in attack but the pieces aren’t making a pretty picture yet.

14. San Jose Earthquakes (Points: 26)

  • Solid road point. They’ve been hanging around below the West red line: now they need to start making a push toward topside though I’m not sure they have what it takes this year.

15. Orlando City SC (Points: 23)

  • They had no business coming back but once again got a point and keep them top of the charts in draws. Woeful defending to give up the early goals. Definitely still a team in its exciting infancy. Given time or the addition of helpful pieces (I don’t think Baptista was one and I think Kaka might not be much more than an injury-ridden name to them relatively soon) this could be a beast of an adult. Getting there is the hard part.

16. D.C. United (Points: 22)

  • Toronto hammered them. Espindola looks missed though it was really their defense that dropped the ball.

17. Houston Dynamo (Points: 19)

  • They outplayed Vancouver and deserved more. Getting only a draw from that type of game is something a basement team tends to do.

18. Columbus Crew SC (Points: 19)

  • More home disappointment and they completely did it to themselves. If Berhalter wasn’t bald he definitely would’ve pulled his hair out by now. Nonetheless, Higuain was lively in his return, which might spell better days coming.

19. Chicago Fire (Points: 17)

  • I’m getting sick of saying a loss still had positive elements for this team. At some point, I still need to recognize they have the least amount of points in MLS. Give me all the silver linings you will, they’re still the bottom.

20. Seattle Sounders FC (Points: 20)

  • Two weeks removed from their trouncing Dallas and I’m beginning to think that wasn’t just an anomaly but a massive dream. Completely ineffective against SKC even with Dempsey back and Gomez starting on the flank.

That’ll do it for the MLS Week 19 Power Rankings.  (Don’t forget to tune into the All-Star Game this week, whose roster is a can of worms I dare not unpack at the moment!) Do you agree with where I’ve ranked the teams going into the All-Star clash with Arsenal?  Be sure to tell me all about it in the comment section below.  Also, be sure to follow Power Rankings and More on Facebook, follow us on Twitter: @PowerRank_More, and follow our Instagram page for all of the latest news and information from Power Rankings and More.

(Published on 7/25/16)
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