MLB Week 20 Power Rankings:

Alex Rodriguez has played his final game in the MLB, but who would’ve thought that it would’ve come this early?  I certainly didn’t.  We are going to get to talks about Alex Rodriguez and more here on the MLB Week 20 Power Rankings, but first, be sure to check out last week’s MLB Power Rankings with the link here.

We are now into Week 20 of the MLB season and, boy, does the time go fast.  It goes so fast that I think we need to do a recap of sorts so some of you can catch up.  Below are the standings for the number of times teams have been #1 on the MLB Power Rankings.

  1. Chicago Cubs (15)
  2. Texas Rangers (2)
  3. San Francisco Giants/Washington Nationals (1 each)

Below are the standings for the number of times teams have been #30 on the MLB Power Rankings.

  1. Atlanta Braves (12)
  2. Minnesota Twins (7)

That’s all you need to know about the MLB season so far, right?  Probably not.  That being said, let’s look back and answer some of our Week 1 questions that we made up for the upcoming year.

  • Can the Chicago Cubs escape the wrath of the GoatAs of right now, they seem to be on a very nice hot streak.  Going into the All-Star Break, we were very worried about them as they were in a pretty bad slump which allowed other teams to catch up.  I don’t want to jinx the Cubs right now, so I am no longer going to talk about this question.
  • Will the Royals be able to repeat as World Series Champs? Hell freaking no.  The Royals have been one of the most disappointing teams the entire year.
  • How much will pitching changes affect these teams affected by pitching changes?  See what I did there?  I don’t even know why I asked this question to begin with, but I can tell you that Clayton Kershaw‘s injury has affected the Dodgers in the NL West greatly.
  • Will the Giants have another good year like they do every two years?  Yes.  When you have great leaders like Posey and Bumgarner, you are bound to have a good team and the Giants have been proving that this year.
  • If a tree falls in the woods and no one is around to hear it, are the Los Angeles Angels really from LA?  According to my calculations, the Angels are still from Anaheim, but they left their heart in San Francisco because they continue to stink up the place this year.
  • Are the Red Sox and Diamondbacks for real this year?  The Red Sox have been alright as they continue to stay in contention for the AL East crown, but the Diamondbacks on the other hand have been terrible.  Be sure to check out my interview with Diamondbacks manager, Chip Hale, on the MLB Week 19 Power Rankings with the link here.
  • The Minnesota Twins: True or False?  Still false.  It will always be false.
  • How long are we going to wait for the Seattle Mariners to be good again?  We thought at one point in the year that they might be able to get up to that status, but sadly, I can’t see it happening.  That being said, I say give it another 3 years or so.
  • Is the Cuban National Team officially apart of the MLB?  It was just a publicity stunt in my eyes.
  • When can we stop feeling sorry for the Reds, Phillies, and Braves?  As soon as they start playing baseball again.  For the Phillies, it is a bit different because they are a somewhat decent team, but for the Reds and Braves, there is no hope.

Does that help a bit more?  I thought so.  Now, let’s get into the MLB Week 20 Power Rankings! -Matthew Jones

(Note: The MLB Power Rankings are made before the games on Sunday.)

1. Chicago Cubs (73-42)

  • The Cubs were doing so good that I lose track of how many wins they won in a row.  I lost an entire dollar on the fact that I didn’t know.  A whole freaking dollar!  That dollar could’ve been used for something like a couple of pencils, a pack of gum, or a pair of scissors to give to Chris Sale of the White Sox.  I’m just saying that all I want is my dollar back.  In other news, the Cubs have the same number of wins as the Braves do losses at this point.  Talk about opposite ends of the spectrum…. -Matthew Jones
  • Good luck trying to beat this team at home in the playoffs. They’re 41-18 at Wrigley Field. Remember that “slump” they had prior to the All-Star break? They’re 9-1 in their last 10 games and are 13 games ahead of second place St. Louis in the NL Central. -Kyle Smith

2. Texas Rangers (69-49)

  • In the wake of A-Rod’s final game, many people put Prince Fielder‘s retirement to the backseat.  Last week, it was reported that he had neck surgery and it just stinks that he had to retire in the wake of it.  He is going to end up retiring with the same amount of home runs as Cecil (his dad) with 319 total.  He also had the highest OBP in Milwaukee Brewers history with a .390.  Prince has gone on record and said that not being able to play baseball will be tough.  Just imagine having something like that taken away from you.  We wish you the best Mr. Fielder.  Now, on another note, I get that it was a down year for Prince, but it just amazes me how well the Rangers have been able to adapt to injuries all year long as they currently sit at #2 on the MLB Week 20 Power Rankings. -Matthew Jones

3. Washington Nationals (68-47)

  • So long to Jonathan Papelbon!  He is a 6-time All-Star and was 25 of 31 in his saves as apart of the Washington Nationals.  I have no doubt that he will sign with another team soon, but the Nationals just needed more roster space to start building for the future.  The future just didn’t involve Papelbon and now he can go grab the throats of teammates somewhere else. -Matthew Jones
  • Jonathan Papelbon has a championship pedigree, but I wouldn’t want that cancerous personality anywhere near my favorite team. -Trevor Utley

4. San Francisco Giants (66-50)

  • The Giants haven’t been playing as good as they can be since the All-Star Break and it has allowed the Dodgers to creep back into contention, but why is this the case?  Could it be because their slugging percentage is one of the worst in the league.  What about the fact that they are average at best when it comes to getting runs?  The world is full of questions. -Matthew Jones
  • Maybe their recent unveiling of a statute in Gaylord Perry‘s honor will change things around in San Francisco. They were playing very well back when they unveiled a Lego version of Madison Bumgarner. -Kyle Smith

5. Cleveland Indians (66-48)

  • If they make their first Fall Classic appearance since 1997, they’ll have to do it without Michael Brantley‘s services. He’s having season-ending surgery on his right shoulder. -Kyle Smith
  • Trevor Bauer‘s duel with Max Scherzer this past week was one of the funner pitching match-ups of the season thus far.  Danny Salazar, Corey Kluber, and Carlos Carrasco are getting theirs, but if the Indians are going to make it to the World Series, they need more starts like that from Bauer. -Trevor Utley

6. Los Angeles Dodgers (65-51)

  • The Dodgers are just 1/2 game back of the Giants for first place. Keep an eye on Justin Turner, as he was scratched from Saturday’s game against the Pirates with a right hand contusion injury. -Kyle Smith
  • Barring a huge run by a team in September, I think the Dodgers have at least one of the Wild Card spots locked up in the NL.  However, I really want to see them get healthy and losing righties Brandon McCarthy and Bud Norris in two weeks isn’t helping.  Thankfully though, the southpaw contingent is getting better.  Rich Hill could be back next week.  Clayton Kershaw is throwing again.  Finally, Brett Anderson will make his season debut today against the Pirates. -Trevor Utley

7. Toronto Blue Jays (66-51)

  • Jose Bautista was placed on the DL on Wednesday with a left knee sprain.  It is his second time there this year and, luckily for the Blue Jays, it appears to be something pretty minor and he should be back in less than 2 weeks.  However, that 2 weeks is pretty darn crucial as the Blue Jays are still neck and neck with the Orioles and Red Sox in the battle for the AL East.  Don’t be surprised if they end up giving the lead away in this 2 weeks. -Matthew Jones
  • This high-flying offense also has the best Team ERA in the AL. -Kyle Smith

8. Baltimore Orioles (65-51)

  • The whole pitching thing still matters, but the Orioles just don’t listen. -Matthew Jones

9. Boston Red Sox (63-52)

  • Going into the season, the Red Sox and Diamondbacks were going to be the teams that surprised everybody this year and would be in contention to the playoffs.  As I answered in the questions at the top, only the Red Sox are in contention for the playoffs.  My point was proven again when the Red Sox took on the Diamondbacks this weekend and outscored them 15-7, with their third game coming Sunday night. -Matthew Jones

10. Seattle Mariners (61-54)

  • James Paxton returns to the starting rotation on Tuesday. They could use his services, as his 3.53 ERA this season is nothing to sneeze at. -Kyle Smith

11. St. Louis Cardinals (61-56)

  • The Cardinals and Marlins are playing a tantalizingly drab game of “Who wants the second NL Wild Card?”  The Redbirds only hold a half game advantage at the moment, due to going 4-6 in their last 10 while Miami went 3-7.  -Trevor Utley

12. Detroit Tigers (62-54)

  • This past week was a very typical week for the Tigers because, this season, whenever they have done well, they have had that week where they go right back down to Earth. -Matthew Jones

13. Miami Marlins (60-56)

  • Well, he finally freaking did it.  Ichiro Suzuki became the 30th man to reach 3,000 hits last Sunday.  I guess this means that he is officially one of the immortals in baseball because those that get up that high, seem like they cannot be touched because they are just that good. -Matthew Jones
  • The Marlins fans are gasping in concern right now as there are reports of Giancarlo Stanton suffering from a groin injury. -Kyle Smith

14. New York Yankees (60-56)

  • I never liked Alex Rodriguez.  When I started getting into baseball, it seemed as if it was him and Derek Jeter that took all of the headlines for the New York Yankees.  For A-Rod, it was for the wrong reasons.  He took PEDs and treated everyone poorly.  That isn’t the kind of player that I would root for.  When the Yankees finally realized that it was too much, they decided that they were going to release him, even though it was going to cost them a boat load of money to do it.  Alex Rodriguez’s final game was on Friday.  He asked to play third base for it and he was denied by Yankees manager, Joe Girardi.  I’m glad that he didn’t get the nod to do it because he didn’t deserve it.  He ended his career on a high note in his final game and when he was released, he ended his career with 351 home runs and 1,096 RBI.  That is great and all, but the bottom line for me is that I am not going to mind never seeing Alex Rodriguez on my TV screen ever again.  Now, in other Yankees news, be sure to read Kyle Smith’s comment below to see what is going on with the “Baby Bombers.”
  • Out with the old in Alex Rodriguez and in with the new with Tyler Austin and Aaron Judge. They go back-to-back in their first-ever plate appearances, which is a first in MLB history. The season is far from over the Yanks. They’re 7-3 in their last 10 games and just 3.5 games back of the final Wild Card spot in the AL. -Kyle Smith

“I love this game and I love this team. Today, I’m saying goodbye to both.” -Alex Rodriguez on his final game

“This idea that A-Rod’s somehow entitled to be sent off with roses… No he didn’t earn that.  Joe Girardi is under no obligation to manage A-Rod’s farewell tour.” –Michael Smith on A-Rod’s final game

15. Houston Astros (61-56)

  • Jose Altuve gets most of the headlines, and deservedly so, but their starting rotation is also pretty good. They have the second-best Team ERA in the AL. -Kyle Smith
  • While Jose Altuve should be MVP, Carlos Correa and George Springer are swinging the lumber as well.  The duo have combined to hit nearly .400 this past week with 4 HR, 20 RBI, and 13 runs scored. -Trevor Utley

16. Pittsburgh Pirates (58-56)

  • It just doesn’t seem like their year. Their latest loss includes stranding a team-record 18 men on base and went 1-for-14 with runners in scoring position. -Kyle Smith
  • Can we figure out what happened to Gerrit Cole?  Is he pitching hurt, or did the spirit of Sterling Hitchcock enter his body.  Look up Hitchcock’s career hits per nine innings to make that joke work. -Trevor Utley

17. New York Mets (58-58)

  • The Mets really have me stratching my head at this point.  I don’t know how you can get swept in a 3 game series by the Diamondbacks of all teams!  Oh, it is because they are the worst batting team in the freaking league!  Even the Braves are better at this point!  (Wow.  I just had three exclamation marks for sentences in a row.  This must be pretty serious.)  They currently have a league-worst .236 team batting average.  The only thing that is keeping them at 500 is their pitching.  Mets fans better be thankful for that when Thanksgiving comes around. -Matthew Jones
  • I think Michael Baron’s tweet sums up how the Mets have been playing since the All-Star break and why some Mets fans are blaming the wrong people for their woes. -Kyle Smith

“Here’s an idea: Instead of criticizing Familia for making a mistake and still being 39 for 42 in saves, bash the #Mets for not hitting.” -Michael Baron

18. Kansas City Royals (56-60)

  • If you read my answer to the question about the Royals at the top, then you know my feelings about them. -Matthew Jones
  • They won’t be the worst, but the 2016 Royals’ season could go down as one of the most disappointing defenses of a World Series title of all-time. -Trevor Utley

19. Chicago White Sox (56-60)

  • Fun fact: the White Sox are 198-159 all-time in interleague play. -Kyle Smith

20. Philadelphia Phillies (55-63)

  • The Phillies really do seem like a team that is just there and nothing else at this point. -Matthew Jones
  • I’d like to see J.P. Crawford on the MLB roster, but I commend Philadelphia for not rushing him.  The Phillies know what they are, and are giving enough kids a chance without going overboard with it. -Trevor Utley

21. Colorado Rockies (56-61)

  • I root for the Rockies on occasion, so it hurt to have to put them down this low (especially behind the Phillies) after their great run a couple of weeks back.  Perhaps the Trevor Story injury is hurting them more than we thought. -Matthew Jones
  • Their season isn’t quite over yet. Five games back of the final Wild Card spot in the NL isn’t an insurmountable deficit, but they’re just 2-8 in their last 10 games. Their 4.84 Team ERA is the fourth-worst in MLB. -Kyle Smith

22. Oakland Athletics (52-65)

  • This would be a great opportunity to have another Tale of Oakland, but they actually won a couple of games this week, so I can’t really talk.  I can say, however, that they still have one of the worst hitting and pitching teams in the MLB.  Bazinga! -Matthew Jones

23. Milwaukee Brewers (51-64)

  • Even though he retired as apart of the Rangers, Brewers fans have to equally as saddened to hear that Prince Fielder will no longer be able to play baseball after his neck surgery.  That being said, he might be able to pull a Tim Tebow and decide to go to another sport for no reason. -Matthew Jones

24. San Diego Padres (50-66)

  • As bad as the Padres are, it is pretty intriguing to know that they aren’t even the worst in the NL West.  That title goes to the one and only Arizona Diamondbacks. -Matthew Jones

25. Cincinnati Reds (48-67)

  • Yes, the Reds are actually out of the bottom four.  I know that it seems like a foreign concept, but you will be fine.  I promise you.  Those that are worried about getting Hepatitis B have nothing to worry about. -Matthew Jones

26. Los Angeles Angels (49-67)

  • Finding something to talk about when it comes to the Angels is difficult because they keep losing. -Matthew Jones
  • Nine losses in a row is a tough pill to swallow.  And to be brutally honest, it isn’t going to get much better this year or probably next.  For those that initially balked at my sentiment towards trading Mike Trout, you can enjoy watching a legend’s prime go unrewarded or send him on to bigger and better things. -Trevor Utley

27. Arizona Diamondbacks (48-68)

  • The #PRAMUniverse has been talking about my “interview” with Diamondbacks manager, Chip Hale.  If you haven’t read it, then this is the perfect time to pimp it out again.  You can check it out with the link here. -Matthew Jones
  • You know you’ve hit rock bottom when you spent an entire offseason building up your pitching staff, only to pass the putrid Reds to the bottom of the runs allowed (630!) table. -Trevor Utley

28. Minnesota Twins (47-70)

  • All of their offensive prospects have flopped.  All of their free agent signings have busted.  After all that, the Twins can see the silver lining from 2016 that they have their closer of the future in Brandon Kintzler. -Trevor Utley

29. Tampa Bay Rays (46-69)

  • Just when the Rays had the smallest glimpse of light available, they end up right back in the bottom four. -Matthew Jones
  • If an MLB team was to ever move to Las Vegas, it should be the Rays.  Degenerate gamblers would have the time of their lives with this team in their backyard. -Trevor Utley

30. Atlanta Braves (44-73)

  • It is a shame that Freddie Freeman seems to be the only player on the Braves that knows how to hit these days.  I say this because Freeman finally has another 20-HR season, which is his first since 2013.  Anyone else think the Braves will have over 100 losses? -Matthew Jones

That’ll do it for the MLB Week 20 Power Rankings.  What did you think of everything that went down this week?  Where would you rank everybody this week?  How would you answer those questions as the top?  Be sure to tell us all about it and more in the comment section below.  Also, be sure to like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter: @PowerRank_More, and follow our Instagram page for all of the latest news and information from Power Rankings and More.  Finally, be sure to check out all of the latest MLB content at Power Rankings and More with the link here.

(Published on 8/14/16 at 10:35 AM.)
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Ken Conklin

The Cubs just keep proving they are the best team in baseball — at least until they meet a better team,or a team that gets red hot at the right time. I don’t see anyone keeping them out of the Playoffs or the World Series for that matter. If they do get the WS, they may well find themselves playing the Texas Rangers or the Toronto Blue Jays.
THen there’s the Rockies. Nine and one one week then eight and two the next. Why can’t they find a closer who could shutdown the oppositon in those games where the Rocks are winning into the 8th or 9th innings and then losing because of poor relief pitching. Heck, the may as well let their starters complete the games. They would probably see an improvement.

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