MLB Week 10 Games to Watch:

(Published on 6/7/15)

Chris Berkel is not doing it this week, but I will still give it my best try.  Wish me luck!

Sunday, June 7th

St. Louis Cardinals (Lynn) vs. Los Angeles Dodgers (Greinke) (8:00 on ESPN)

  • Nothing like an end to a four game series that is a Sunday night game and has been advertised on ESPN for the past week.

Monday, June 8th

San Diego Padres (Kennedy) vs. Atlanta Braves (Miller) (7:10 on SportsSouth, FOX Sports San Diego)

  • It will be the first game back in Atlanta for Craig Kimbrel, Mevil Upton Jr., and some others.  It should be fun to watch.

Tuesday, June 9th

Chicago Cubs (Lester) vs. Detroit Tigers (Sanchez) (7:08 on CSN Chicago, FOX Sports Detroit)

  • Two teams that are desperately trying to get away from the vicinity of the 500 mark.  It also doesn’t hurt that Lester and Sanchez are pitching.

Wednesday, June 10th

San Francisco Giants (Hudson) vs. New York Mets (Harvey) (7:10 on CSN Bay Area, SNY)

  • The roles have sort of reversed over the course of the season in terms of records for these teams.  Hudson and Harvey are pitching which is why I chose this game for this day.

Thursday, June 11th

Colorado Rockies (Butler) vs. Miami Marlins (Phelps) (7:10 on ROOT Sports Rocky Mountain, FOX Sports Florida)

  • I guess I chose this game because…. Actually, I don’t quite know.

Friday, June 12th

Kansas City Royals (Ventura) vs. St. Louis Cardinals (Garcia) (8:15 on FOX Sports Kansas City, FOX Sports Midwest)

  • Once again, you can’t go wrong with two of the best teams in the MLB.

Saturday, June 13th

Philadelphia Phillies (O’Sullivan) vs. Pittsburgh Pirates (Cole) (4:05 on CSN Philadelphis, ROOT Sports Pittsburgh)

  • Pennsylvania.
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