Joneszee’s 3 Cents (9/18/17)

What is college football? That is an excellent question that I am not going to dive into here.

As promised on the NCAAF Week 4 Power Rankings, I am here today to deliver to you a blog targeted at one thing: college football. Now, this isn’t your normal Joneszee’s 3 Cents blog as I’m just going to dive right into talking about college football because I didn’t get a chance to on Sunday night.

You know what, let’s break it down by conference, shall we?


It finally looks as if South Florida is ready to leap to the top of the mountain when it comes to the New Year’s Six. The only problem with that is some of the other teams in the American that might knock them down. One team that comes to mind is Memphis as they were just able to defeat an overrated UCLA team. The other is Houston who doesn’t seem to be getting a lot of love right now. Has no one seen them play?


Well, we are heading into Week 4 and we still don’t have a win from Florida State even though they are ranked #15, but we can thank Irma for that.

In terms of what’s up in the rest of the ACC, Clemson destroyed Louisville to demonstrate how they are just as good as last year, if not better. Duke and Wake Forest are surprisingly 3-0 on the year but face hard tests in Week 4.

Big 12

Kansas State got upset at Vanderbilt. (I said that would happen.) But it’s the fact that Oklahoma State looks legit right now that really has heads turning. Sure, we can talk about the classic that was Texas/USC, but is Texas really going to be in contention for a Big 12 title this year? TCU will have their hands full this week.

Big Ten

Ohio State and Michigan have been struggling in points that we all thought they improved upon from a year ago. Eventually, things will sort itself out, but there are some huge games in the Big Ten this week. Penn State/Iowa, Notre Dame/Michigan State, UCF/Maryland, and Georgia Southern/Indiana all in the same week? This is nuts! (That last game might be a stretch.)


Say what you will about the quality of this league but I think Old Dominion is a very good team. Oh, and don’t look know (because they’ll blow it), but UTSA is 2-0 on the young season. And finally, Florida International had to reschedule their game against UMass for Championship Week due to Hurricane Irma. It’s so nice of FIU to have faith in their football team to make it to the C-USA Title game. (If you can’t recognize sarcasm, then that’s on you.


Army, Notre Dame, BYU, and Umass. Hooray.


There are currently two undefeated teams in the MAC. One of them is Toledo (3-0) and the other is Eastern Michigan (2-0). I have supreme confidence in one of these teams to possibly win the MAC. I don’t trust the other with the bottom of my shoe. But I’ll leave that up for you to decide because I have it on good authority that it’s not going to matter at all. Why? Because Ball State is about to go to the College Football Playoff. The Jets will also win the Super Bowl.

Mountain West

Please stop hating on me for not putting San Diego State in the Top 25 this week. I understand that they beat Stanford and have a good shot at going to the New Year’s Six, but think about what we’ve seen from them thus far. Both FBS teams they’ve faced so far have 1-2 records on the season. Although that is still better than Florida State right now (even though they are ranked #15), it still isn’t too impressive at this time. And in other Mountain West news, I cannot wait until October 14th when Boise State travels to San Diego for a battle for Mountain West supremacy.

Come back on Tuesday for some talk about the PAC-12, SEC, and Sun Belt. It’s lit.

Published on 9/18/17 at 10:18 PM EDT.
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