It’s Time for FOX Sports to Take Over

I think that it’s safe to say that we all have our local FOX Sports station that plays MLB games, NHL games, NBA games, and paid programming at 9:00 in the morning. But what if I told you that our local FOX Sports stations could do so much more than what they do now? What if I told you that, through some fantasy booking, they can actually take over the sports world? What am I talking about? Keeping reading and you’ll see.

Bottom line, FOX Sports could be doing a lot more to benefit our needs. Just like Mark Wahlberg says in the DIRECTV commercials, “We want our TV the way we want our TV.” You know what, we want our sports the way we want our sports.

Sports have always been localized. If you are living in Detroit, you will hear nonstop coverage of the Pistons, Red Wings, Tigers, Lions, etc. Nowadays, sports are more localized than ever. Unless you have some national subscription package that lets you watch everything, you get to watch the teams that pertain to your TV market. However, even then, it seems like you still have to have a subscription package to watch the NBA, MLB, and NHL.

Say you live in Atlanta, for instance. You are promised to get the Falcons game on Sunday because they are being televised on FOX in your region. But this is all that you get because you only have a simple TV package that gives you 70 or so channels. This means that you miss out on Braves and Hawks games, along with Atlanta United FC. The only chance you can see those teams is if you have cable and if they are broadcasted on an ESPN or something. What if you have Netflix or Hulu? What happens then? You miss out on that entire opportunity.

Many people are shifting from cable TV altogether and moving to these online streaming services. Most of these services don’t have sports as one of their programs. And if they do, it’s the ones that don’t pertain to you, the fan.

My proposal? Somehow, someway, FOX Sports becomes a part of national TV, just like ABC, CBS, PBS, NBC, FOX, etc. The local station would choose what programming to put on. It seems far-fetched, but it’s a genius idea.

As of right now, this system would not work at all. FOX Sports isn’t taking advantage of their local markets in terms of what they could be broadcasting and what teams they have under their umbrella. There are TV contracts that are sitting there, waiting for FOX Sports to pick them up. Are they going to take them? Are they man enough to take them?

Let’s take a look at the five main factors that went into the revamp:

  1. Current TV contracts
  2. Future TV contracts
  3. Interest by fans and what they would like to see
  4. Many more TV contracts
  5. Where money could be made

So, what will these new local stations be showing? In other words, what leagues/conferences will be seen if it pertains to a certain region?

  • NFL
  • MLB
  • NBA
  • NHL
  • MLS
  • MiLB AAA
  • American Athletic Conference (NCAA)
  • Atlantic-10 (NCAA)
  • Big Ten (NCAA)
  • Big 12 (except Texas) (NCAA)
  • Big East (NCAA)
  • Mountain West (NCAA)
  • PAC-12 (NCAA)

But Joneszee, why did you pick all of those? Let’s break it down.

First off, it is already a given that the four major sports organizations in the United States are given deals with FOX Sports, considering how they’ve already got ones with them anyway. That is why you see the NFL, MLB, NBA, and NHL up on the list. As for the MLS, they already have a split deal with FOX and ESPN. Soccer is growing at a rapid pace in America. The executives are FOX would be silly to not pick up a deal like what we’ve been talking about thus far.

For Triple A baseball, why wouldn’t you have it on there? In some markets, like Indiana, the Indianapolis Indians are the only baseball team that is actually local. Sure, they have the White Sox, Cubs, and Reds, but those are still a state away. There is money to be had with Triple A baseball. It is an opportunity to see young stars shine and it is certainly a better bargain than what most minor league teams have right now. If baseball is America’s pastime, then this is a fantastic idea all around. And if you want to keep those small networks involved so they don’t go out of business, do that, but don’t put them out there where we can’t see them. Put them on FOX!

Now we get into the colleges. I wanted to stick to FBS conferences and the conferences that are considered “major” in college basketball because those two sports are the moneymakers for colleges all around the nation. Let’s break down why I chose the conferences that I did. (The ones in red are the ones that FOX is “picking up”.)

  • The American Athletic Conference is looking for a new TV deal.
  • The Atlantic-10 is only picked up by NBCSN for occasional games, so a new TV deal could be in the works.
  • The ACC has the ACC Network coming shortly with ESPN.
  • Big Ten and the Big Ten Network is owned by FOX. Ohio State also has a deal that starts this year in which every single one of their football games will be broadcast on National TV.
  • The Big 12 is looking for a home, except for Texas, who is pretty much owned by ESPN. 
  • The Big East has an exclusive deal with FOX.
  • Conference-USA has their games broadcast on the American Sports Network.
  • The MAC has a TV deal with ESPN.
  • The Mountain West is looking for a new contract that is as far away from Campus Insiders as possible.
  • The PAC-12 Network and the PAC-12 are under the FOX umbrella…. to a point.
  • ESPN has the SEC and there is no question about it.
  • The Sun Belt has a TV deal with ESPN… somehow.

Those are all of the conferences and where they currently stand in the world of television.

Another thing that is worth mentioning is that with these new deals that the AAC, A-10, Big Ten, Big 12, Big East, Mountain West, and PAC-12 are getting also allows some other sports like wrestling, softball, or volleyball to have some more exposure on the national stage. That is something we all can look forward to.

Ladies and gentlemen, let’s get into that revamp I was talking about. I have done each network and provided analysis on each change. Shall we start?

(Note, each network and its subnetwork gets two alternate channels to display games, studio shows, etc.)

FOX Sports Arizona

Arizona DiamondbacksArizona Diamondbacks
Phoenix SunsPhoenix Suns
Arizona StateArizona State (along with PAC-12 play)
ArizonaArizona (along with PAC-12 play)
Northern ArizonaNorthern Arizona
Arizona CardinalsArizona Cardinals (second screen live games)

Since Northern Arizona was already picked up by FOX Sports Arizona, I decided to keep it, even though the Big Sky is not one of the conferences FOX has picked up.

The Arizona Cardinals are in a TV deal with the NFL on FOX because they are in the NFC, as well as all of these other comprehensive things. National broadcasts get first say, so FOX Sports Arizona gets second screen live games. As you will see with every single NFL team in this blog, what I mean by second screen live games are things that they do for the CFP National Championship on ESPN where they have insiders break down the plays and give their feedback on the game. Of course, FOX Sports Arizona and all of the other stations can still display the game itself just like NFL Network does later in the week, but it just can’t be live.

Arizona and Arizona State games are broadcast on FOX Sports Arizona, along with any other PAC-12 games that are not picked up by a national provider or the PAC-12 Network.

FOX Sports Carolinas

Carolina HurricanesCarolina Hurricanes
Charlotte HornetsCharlotte Hornets
Carolina PanthersCarolina Panthers (second screen live games)
East Carolina (along with AAC play)
Charlotte Knights
Durham Bulls

Panthers: Same thing like the Cardinals.

The American Athletic Conference is getting picked up by FOX Sports, so Carolinas get ECU games.

The Charlotte Knights and Durham Bulls are AAA teams in North Carolina. Their games will be broadcast by FOX Sports Carolinas.

FOX Sports Detroit

Detroit Red WingsDetroit Red Wings
Detroit PistonsDetroit Pistons
Detroit TigersDetroit Tigers
Detroit LionsDetroit Lions (second screen live games)
MichiganMichigan (along with Big Ten play)
Michigan StateMichigan State (along with Big Ten play)

Lions: Same as other NFC teams.

Michigan and Michigan State games are picked up by FOX Sports Detroit because FOX owns the Big Ten Network. Any games by these teams that are not broadcast on any other network get but on FOX Sports Detroit, along with other Big Ten action.

FOX Sports Miami (formerly FOX Sports Florida)

The name can’t be Florida if the teams are only centralized in Miami. Come on now!

Miami MarlinsMiami Marlins
Miami HeatMiami Heat
Florida PanthersFlorida Panthers
Miami (FL)Miami (FL) (no live games)
Miami DolphinsMiami Dolphins (second screen live games)
Florida State
Jacksonville Jaguars

Miami (FL) stays as a team that is covered by FOX Sports Miami but does not broadcast any live games because the ACC is in a TV contract with ESPN.

The Miami Dolphins have a contract with the NFL on CBS because they are an AFC team, so only second screen live games will be broadcast.

Florida, Florida State, and the Jacksonville Jaguars are moved from FOX Sports Miami to another network as you will see later in what is a very intriguing move on my end.

FOX Sports Sun

Tampa Bay RaysTampa Bay Rays
Orlando MagicOrlando Magic
Tampa Bay LightningTampa Bay Lightning
Tampa Bay BuccaneersTampa Bay Buccaneers (second screen live games)
Florida State
Jacksonville Jaguars
Orlando City FC
Central Florida (along with AAC play)
South Florida (along with AAC play)

Buccaneers: Like any other NFC team.

Orlando City FC is added because of FOX’s contract with the MLS, being the first MLS team to break into the local market.

The American Athletic Conference is getting picked up by FOX Sports, so Central Florida and South Florida are getting covered by FOX Sports Sun as their locations are in Orlando and Tampa Bay respectively.

And again, Florida, Florida State, and the Jacksonville Jaguars have been moved. To where? You’ll have to wait and see.

FOX Sports Indiana

This is what sparked the entire revamp. FOX Sports Indiana is a joke. There are so many other things they could be broadcasting along with the Pacers.

Indiana PacersIndiana Pacers
Indianapolis Colts (second screen live games)
Indianapolis Indians
Indy Eleven (because they will become an MLS team in the near future)
Purdue (along with Big Ten play)
Indiana (along with Big Ten play)
Butler (along with Big East play)

Colts: Like any other AFC team.

The Indianapolis Indians are the AAA team in Indiana. Their games will be broadcast.

I have a feeling the Indy Eleven will be an MLS team in the very near future, so they are added to the list.

Purdue and Indiana are put onto FOX Sports Indiana because of their Big Ten affiliation.

Butler is put on the list for FOX Sports Indiana because of FOX’s TV deal with the Big East. Big East games will also be broadcast.

FOX Sports Kansas City

Kansas City RoyalsKansas City Royals
Kansas StateKansas State (along with Big 12 play)
KansasKansas (along with Big 12 play)
Kansas City ChiefsKansas City Chiefs (second screen live games)
Wichita State (along with AAC play)
Sporting Kansas City

Kansas State and Kansas games will be broadcast on FOX Sports Kansas City as a part of their Big 12 extension.

Chiefs: Like any AFC team.

Wichita State is joining the American Athletic Conference, so their games will be broadcast on FOX Sports Kansas City.

Sports Kansas City is added because of FOX’s contract with the MLS.

FOX Sports St. Louis (formerly FOX Sports Midwest)

I hated the Midwest name. The Midwest region of the United States isn’t just freaking Missouri.

St. Louis CardinalsSt. Louis Cardinals
St. Louis BluesSt. Louis Blues
MissouriMissouri (no live games)
St. LouisSt. Louis (along with A-10 play)

Missouri cannot have live games because the SEC is in a contract with ESPN.

St. Louis will have their games broadcast on FOX Sports St. Louis, along with A-10 play.

FOX Sports New Orleans

New Orleans PelicansNew Orleans Pelicans
Tulane (along with AAC play)
New Orleans Saints (second screen live games)
New Orleans Baby Cakes

Tulane gets added because of their alignment with the AAC.

Saints: Same as any NFC team.

The New Orleans Baby Cakes is an AAA team from New Orleans, so their games will be broadcast, bringing baseball to a wider scale in the state of Louisiana.

FOX Sports Minnesota (formerly FOX Sports North)

Just like the Midwest name, the North name is just stupid. If all of the teams are in Minnesota, then freaking call it Minnesota. It’s not that hard!

Minnesota TwinsMinnesota Twins
Minnesota WildMinnesota Wild
Minnesota TimberwolvesMinnesota Timberwolves
MinnesotaMinnesota (along with Big Ten play)
Minnesota VikingsMinnesota Vikings (second screen live games)
Minnesota United FC

Minnesota will have their games broadcasted by FOX Sports Minnesota because of the Big Ten’s contract with FOX.

Vikings: Same as any NFC team.

Minnesota United FC will have their games broadcast because of FOX’s contract with the MLS. We’ve been through this before, haven’t we?

FOX Sports Oklahoma

Oklahoma City ThunderOklahoma City Thunder
OklahomaOklahoma (along with Big 12 play)
Oklahoma City Dodgers
Oklahoma State (along with Big 12 play)
Tulsa (along with AAC play)

Oklahoma and Oklahoma State will have their games broadcast on FOX Sports Oklahoma as a part of the Big 12 extension. It is sort of criminal how Oklahoma State hasn’t been included under this umbrella. In the words of Shawn Crull, they are sort of treated like the red-headed stepchild to Oklahoma, aren’t they?

The Oklahoma City Dodgers are the AAA team in Oklahoma, so their games will be broadcast.

Tulsa, because of their alignment with the AAC, gets the nod with FOX Sports Oklahoma.

SportsTime Ohio

FOX Sports Ohio and Sportstime Ohio got split up into Ohio’s three biggest sporting cities.

SportsTime ClevelandSportsTime ColumbusSportsTime Cincinnati
Cleveland CavaliersColumbus Blue JacketsCincinnati Reds
Cleveland Browns (second screen live games)Ohio State (along with Big Ten play)Cincinnati (along with AAC play)
Cleveland IndiansColumbus Crew SCXavier (along with Big East play)
Toledo Mud HensColumbus ClippersCincinnati Bengals (second screen live games)
Dayton (along with A-10 play and split with Cincinnati)Dayton (along with A-10 play and split with Columbus)


Browns: Same as any AFC team.

The Toledo Mudhens, an AAA team in Ohio, gets added to Sportstime Cleveland because they are closer to Cleveland than they are to Columbus or Cincinnati.


Ohio State gets the nod on Sportstime Columbus because of their TV contract with FOX (like Notre Dame and NBC) and their alignment with the Big Ten.

Columbus Crew SC? Yeah, we tap into that MLS market folks.

The Clippers are an AAA team in Columbus, so their games will be broadcast.

Dayton (and the A-10 play that comes with it) will be split between Columbus and Cincinnati because Dayton is the exact same distance between the two cities.


Cincinnati and AAC play will be broadcast.

Xavier and Big East play will be broadcast.

Bengals: Same as any AFC team.

Dayton (and the A-10 play that comes with it) will be split between Columbus and Cincinnati because Dayton is the exact same distance between the two cities.

FOX Sports San Diego

San Diego PadresSan Diego Padres
San Diego StateSan Diego State (along with Mountain West play)
San DiegoSan Diego
Toros de Tijuana (Baja California)

San Diego State, along with Mountain West play, will be broadcast on FOX Sports San Diego.

San Diego (an FCS school) will remain on FOX Sports San Diego because they were there before.

Toros de Tijuana is in the Mexican League for AAA baseball. They are in Baja California which is close enough to San Diego. The city of San Diego deserves better, so why not cover some of the Mexican League? This might be a complete stretch, but since that’s what this entire blog is kind of about, why the hell not?

FOX Sports Southeast (formerly FOX Sports South & Southeast)

Ah, our friends from Florida have arrived.

Atlanta HawksAtlanta Hawks
Atlanta BravesAtlanta Braves
Atlanta FalconsAtlanta Falcons (second screen live games)
Atlanta United FC
Florida (no live games)
Florida State (no live games)
Jacksonville Jaguars (second screen live games)
Gwinnett Braves

No longer under the FOX Sports South name, the Atlanta area is now known as FOX Sports Southeast.

Falcons: Same as any NFC team.

Florida and Florida State (from FOX Sports Florida) will have no live games because of the SEC and ACC’s contract with ESPN.

Jaguars: Same as any AFC team.

The Gwinnett Braves are an AAA team in Georgia. When applicable, their games will be broadcast.

This was a tricky decision to make for me. The Atlanta sports market has room to grow, and if we bring up northern Florida, I feel like there’s plenty of money to be made there. It does seem like a lot of teams are covered for a network without a subnetwork. Yes, this is the case, but consider the fact that Florida and Florida State will barely even be featured. I have them on there because they were covered before and I didn’t want to drop them. FOX Sports Southeast might be the one network that still needs some work.

FOX Sports Southwest & Lone Star (formerly FOX Sports Southwest)

FOX Sports Southwest is the original name and Lone Star will be the secondary channel for FOX. This means that there will be 6 total channels (1 main, 1 secondary, and 4 alternates) for FOX Sports Southwest and Lone Star. Games on FOX Sports Southwest are not restricted to that. They too can be on Lone Star. Lone Star games are restricted to Lone Star. FOX Sports Southwest is based in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Dallas StarsDallas Stars
Dallas MavericksDallas Mavericks
San Antonio SpursSan Antonio Spurs (Lone Star only)
Texas RangersTexas Rangers
Dallas CowboysDallas Cowboys (second screen live games on Lone Star only)
Round Rock Express (Lone Star only)
El Paso Chihuahuas (Lone Star only)
FC Dallas
Baylor (along with Big 12 play)
SMU (along with AAC play on Lone Star only)
TCU (along with Big 12 play)
Texas Tech (along with Big 12 play)

Stars get Southwest due to original ties and because of their place in the Dallas area.

Mavericks get Southwest due to original ties and because of their place in Dallas area.

Spurs get Lone Star because of their place in San Antonio, and the fact that the Mavericks always got the “Southwest” games before.

Rangers get Southwest because of their placement in the Dallas area.

The Cowboys will have their second screen live games on Lone Star because that content is “secondary worthy”.

The Round Rock Express is an AAA team in Texas and gets Lone Star because of their minor league affiliation. Just like Round Rock, the El Paso Chihuahuas is an AAA team in Texas and gets Lone Star because of their minor league affiliation.

FC Dallas gets broadcasted on Southwest because of FOX’s deal with the MLS and their place in the Dallas area.

Baylor (along with the Big 12) gets Southwest because the Big 12 is in the Power 5. SMU (along with the AAC) gets Lone Star because of the AAC not being in the Power 5. TCU (along with the Big 12) gets Southwest because the Big 12 is in the Power 5. Texas Tech (along with the Big 12) gets Southwest because the Big 12 is in the Power 5. Get the gist?

Not seeing any Houston teams? That is because the Houston area has their deal with Comcast Sports Net, under the NBC umbrella. That being said, we couldn’t use them here.

FOX Sports Tennessee

Nashville PredatorsNashville Predators
Memphis GrizzliesMemphis Grizzlies
Tennessee TitansTennessee Titans (second screen live games)
TennesseeTennessee (no live games)
Memphis (along with AAC play)

Titans: Same as every AFC team.

Tennessee games cannot be broadcast live on FOX Sports Tennessee because of the SEC’s contract with ESPN.

Memphis, along with AAC play, will be broadcast on FOX Sports Tennessee.

FOX Sports West & Prime Ticket

FOX Sports West and Prime Ticket have been joined at the hip for quite some time now with the Anaheim Ducks getting the nod to Prime Ticket because of their location in Anaheim. FOX Sports West will now be the main channel and FOX Sports Prime Ticket will be the secondary channel. The rules and such will be the same as FOX Sports Southwest & Lone Star.

Los Angeles AngelsLos Angeles Angels (Prime Ticket only)
Los Angeles KingsLos Angeles Kings
Los Angeles ClippersLos Angeles Clippers
Anaheim Ducks (Prime Ticket only)Anaheim Ducks (Prime Ticket only)
Los Angeles RamsLos Angeles Rams (second screen live games on Prime Ticket)
Los Angeles ChargersLos Angeles Chargers (second screen live games on Prime Ticket)
Los Angeles FC
LA Galaxy (Prime Ticket only)
USCUSC (along with PAC-12 play)
UCLAUCLA (along with PAC-12 play)

The Angels will be on Prime Ticket only because of their location in Anaheim. Where are the Dodgers? Time Warner Cable, that’s where.

The Kings are on West because the Ducks are on Prime Ticket, via their location in Anaheim.

The Clippers are on West. Don’t worry about the Lakers because they have their TV deal with Time Warner Cable.

The Rams and Chargers will have their second screen live games on Prime Ticket because that content is “secondary worthy”.

Los Angeles FC and the LA Galaxy are the MLS teams in Los Angeles. LAFC is a brand new team, so why not give them the main channel so they can grow to a new audience and give the Galaxy the secondary channel because they are an established team? I think that’s a swell and dandy of an idea.

Oh, FOX and the PAC-12 Network. Aren’t you just a complicated couple. Anyway, USC and UCLA will get their games broadcast on FOX Sports West & Prime Ticket.

FOX Sports Wisconsin

Milwaukee BrewersMilwaukee Brewers
Milwaukee BucksMilwaukee Bucks
WisconsinWisconsin (along with Big Ten play)
MarquetteMarquette (along with Big East play)
Green Bay PackersGreen Bay Packers (second screen live games)

Wisconsin and Marquette will get their games broadcast on FOX Sports Wisconsin because of their conference’s contracts with FOX.

Packers: Like any other NFC team.


Yes (See what I did there?), the YES network is under the FOX umbrella, but it is mainly run by the New York Yankees, so I figured I’d just let the New York Yankees, Brooklyn Nets, and NYCFC do their own thing.

FOX Sports Nevada

After I revamped all of the local stations for FOX, I wondered what other markets I could do that hasn’t been tapped into yet. Well, they’ve all been tapped into. The only one that hasn’t, is the one that is yet to be created. Welcome to FOX Sports Nevada.

UNLV (along with Mountain West play)
Nevada (along with Mountain West play)
Las Vegas Golden Knights
Las Vegas 51's
Las Vegas Raiders (second screen live games for when the Oakland Raiders move to Vegas)

You have UNLV and Nevada, along with Mountain West play.

The Golden Knights are a brand new NHL team that is getting created in Las Vegas. Sure, they won’t be very good for the first few year, but they still need a TV contract!

The 51’s are an AAA team in Vegas. Welcome to the group!

Do I even need to go into detail about the Raiders moving to Vegas?


Putting like this gives FOX Sports the strength it needs to make millions upon billions of dollars. It gives people trying to get into the telecommunications, journalism, or sports industry in general more chances to have a career. Finally, if gives us fans more opportunities to watch our sports the way we want to watch our sports.

So there you have it. There is my complete revamp of FOX Sports. Which FOX Sports station is the one you watch? Which revamp did you agree with the most? Which one did you not? Is this something you can see FOX Sports doing in the future? Be sure to tell us all about it and more in the comment section below. Finally, be sure to like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter: @PowerRank_More, and follow us on our Instagram page for all of the latest information from Power Rankings and More.

Published on 5/30/17 at 1:35 PM EDT. Photo credit: FOX Sports
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