Does the FA Cup Win for Chelsea Prove Who’s Best in the Premier League?

If you needed any reminder of who the best team in England really is, look no further than what we saw Chelsea produce this evening. Chelsea was coming off a surprising loss to an incredibly young Manchester United team, losing twice in the month of April. Now, the Premier League is opened up for what should be an exciting end of the season.

This game being a domestic tournament and not effecting the league is perfectly fine from a Spurs standpoint. Losing this game does not end their hunt for the title. It will be a painful loss no matter what because it’s a major London Derby. In Chelsea’s eyes, this game only secures how you feel about your team and how impressive they’ve really been this season.

For the Blue’s, it doesn’t matter if they had a tough month. When faced against their opponent on the big stage, they continue to follow through. That is exactly what they showed and proved today when beating Tottenham 4-2 at Wembley Stadium.

To have players with the type of abilities that Willian and Cesc Fabregas have is always an advantage. It all routes back the the confidence instilled in them from their manager, Antonio Conte. You can see his passion for the game by his antics on the sidelines. It looks as if it takes everything in him to not run on the pitch and celebrate with the players.

Tottenham is looking at what could be a chance to win the title, but that won’t come easy. They only play at home twice in the last 6 matches as Spurs will face Crystal Palace, Arsenal (H), West Ham, Manchester United (H), Leicester City, and Hull City to end the season. Tottenham certainly can win out and, if they do, they will push the limits of what Chelsea are capable to produce. All Spurs can do is to try and pressure Chelsea to the end of the season.

As for Chelsea, in their last 6 matches they have 4 matches at home. They have Southampton, Middlesboro, Watford, and Sunderland all at home, and are only away to Everton and West Bromwich Albion. Chelsea certainly has the easier of schedules as they face 2 teams who are practically relegated already. However, you can never bet against what drama the Premier League is capable of producing.

No one saw Crystal Palace go into Chelsea and beat them at homecoming. This was the first time since September that they lost at home. Then, to go and lose to Manchester United is huge. If one more team causes a mishap for Chelsea, the Premier League is completely capable of being stolen from them.

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Published on 4/22/17 at 8:30 PM EDT.
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