Before I go on my little ramble, let me start off by saying that this blog will not be promoted aside from the one time I put it on my personal Facebook and PRAM’s Twitter. It will just sit here for you to read or for you to not read. It doesn’t make a difference to me whether you do or not, but the fact that I have put it out here says something.

For about a year now, I’ve struggled with the decision to keep Power Rankings and More alive. For those that don’t know, this website started out as a school project during my sophomore year in high school and has grown to what it is today. Now that I’m winding down my freshman year in college, I’m debating whether or not it is fulfilling me creatively.

I’m a huge fan of sports; I have for my entire life. It is the only reality show that is actually real. Sports are the only real drama on television. My grandmother always says, “Anybody and beat anybody on any given day,” and that still reigns true. That’s why I fell in love with it. That’s why I wanted to turn my love of sports into something special. I tried to be creative in the sports world.

As a freshman at Ball State, I have been open to so many fantastic opportunities and have been introduced to so many magnificent people that my contingencies are endless. My plan right now is the Digital Sports Production program at Ball State. That, by itself, gives me numerous creative accounts that are entirely different than what Power Rankings and More can provide me.

That’s where I run into the problem. Is Power Rankings and More doing it for me creatively? If I continue to invest time into this, will I be getting enough in return?

I’m not going to get too much into my backstory here, but I have suffered from depression for as long as I can remember, and the times that my depression is at its worst is when I’m not creative enough. Sure, doing the Power Rankings on a weekly basis is fine, but I’m just not entirely sure it is the right move for me. What if there was something else out there I could be doing to fill my glass with creative juices completely? I just don’t know the answer!

Chances are, I might not know the exact answer for quite awhile. And even though I love Power Rankings and More and all that it has done for so many other aspiring sports writers/broadcasters, I wanted to make it known that it might not be in my best interest to continue doing things the way they are right now.

If you read this and seem lost and confused, you’re not alone. I’m the same way. I don’t know what to think. I just know that the way things are right now can’t continue in the future if I’m going to be of a stable mindset going forward in my career.

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Matthew "Joneszee" Jones

Core Group leader at Ball State Chi Alpha. I currently do PRAM on the side for fun.

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