2015 MLB All-Star Game Predictions

2015 MLB All-Star Game Predictions:

(Published on 5/16/15)

It’s coming sooner than you think… The All Star Game in the MLB will be in a little under 2 months away (It is on July 14th.), so I have decided to dedicate my ramble to who I think are ASG worthy. I will pick a starting 8 for each league with a top 5 pitching staff. Don’t worry, those ASG snubs will be on there also. I, Matt Conaway, will bring my full opinion on everything that I can.

American League

C- Stephen Vogt

  • Some might be thinking this article is bad already. If you go behind the numbers you see that Vogt is top 5 for RBI’s, tops in average, and has just had a stellar season. He has been the light in the A’s dark season.

1B- Miguel Cabrera

  • He is an absolute monster! Batting around .350 with double digit home runs early. Miggy has continued his normal ways and he always has the fan votes on his side. If he isn’t a starter I don’t know who will be.

2B- Jose Altuve

  • Altuve is on pace to have over 200 hits again for a second straight season. Not only has his hitting been stellar again this year, but he made some much needed improvements on his defense. He has taken the second base position under control and is one of the elites.

3B- Manny Machado 

  • Manny got off to a slow start this season but he has been quickly picking it up in the month of May. His average has increased by .50 and he is continuing to drive in runs when needed.

SS- Hanley Ramirez

  • His trip in the offseason to Fenway has been a success. 10 homers and 23 RBI’s before June has even arrived has been a great year for him. He has been an example of a player that has got better as he has aged.

LF- Adam Jones

  • Hitting well around .340 he has been a great production in a power hitting Orioles offense. His glove has been great again this year to compliment his bat. Even though he is normally a center fielder, he could most likely get moved to LF because of Trout in center.

CF- Mike Trout

  • This definitely hasn’t been a good season in the eyes of Mike Trout but he is still having a great year. He is having a great year but people are overlooking it because it hasn’t been his best year. Trout is still in his low 20’s and he will continue to make every all star game as long as he doesn’t get hurt. Fans love him and his numbers are phenomenal every year.

RF- Nelson Cruz

  • Cruz has been a huge surprise again this year. Many thought he would have a down year with the huge contract and going into a place that’s not a hitters ballpark. He has done exactly what they payed him to do which was to hit dingers. He leads the AL in every offensive category.


Top 5 Pitchers in AL

1. Felix Hernandez

2. David Price

3. Sonny Gray

4. Corey Kluber

5. Chris Young


National League

C- Wilson Ramos

  • A 17 game hitting streak and this guy has been ripping the ball throughout the month of May. He is an overlooked asset to the Nats lineup but just keeps putting up numbers. Ramos might not get the fan vote but he is definitely worth a starting job in the NL.

1B- Adrian Gonzalez

  • Hitting .356 with 32 RBI’s to compliment his 9 HR’s, Gonzo has had a terrific season. In my opinion, Gonzalez has had the best season in all of baseball in either league.

2B- Dee Gordon

  • Dee “the flash” Gordon got his nickname for a reason. Gordon has flat out wheels. He is arguably the fastest player in baseball outside of Billy Hamilton. Gordon is batting above .400 and can always come up with a hit when you need him to.

3B- Kris Bryant

  • After finally working on what he needed to in the minors he got called up and has lived up to the hype. Regardless of the slow start he has picked up the pace significantly and has started smashing homers. I think this will be his first ASG of many to come.

SS- Troy Tulowitski

  • Tulo has been another quiet performer this year. Tulo can be counted on for his veteran leadership on and off the field. Fans love him and he will get a lot of votes.

LF- Bryce Harper

  • One of the hottest players in baseball just has not cooled down. He has the potential to win the NL MVP at the pace has has been playing lately and most people forget that he is still younger than Keis Bryant. Harper is an incredible ball player and he has played smartly and safely this year to avoid any injuries.

CF- Joc Pederson

  • Pederson has been another huge surprise in the 2015 season. When everything in the Dodgers outfield haven’t provided much of a spark he has been there to fill the role. If he doesn’t win rookie of the year I don’t know who will.

RF- Giancarlo Stanton

  • If anybody could hit a ball to the moon it would be this guy. He has the most power of any hitter in the league by far. Stanton holds the record for hitting the longest homer in five different ballparks already. This guy is an absolute blast to watch and will be the icon of the Marlins franchise if he keeps doing what he got payed to do.


Top 5 Pitchers in NL

1. Clayton Kershaw

2. Matt Harvey

3. Zach Greinke

4. Max Scherzer

5. Bartolo Colon


Finally the snubs…

Alex Rodriguez

Aaron Harang

Starlin Castro

Michael Pineda

Jacoby Ellsbury

Evan Longoria

Ryan Zimmerman

Todd Frazier


Thanks for reading!

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